Wild Summer Survival (W.S.S)

A group of girls travel together on a boat as contestants to reach the “Summer Million Dollar Show”, where one will claim the cash prize. There ride makes a sudden crash stop and the girls wake up stranded on an unknown island that once belong to a mad scientist which means the girls may defiantly not be alone. The girls try to survive on the crazy mad island until help comes, as experimental creatures and wild monster animals lurk all around ready to cause chaos.
Characters-Roxanne (Roxy) The sweet spunky lesbian,
Bella (Isabella) The cool smart and brave girl,
Gabby (Gabriella) The mysterious calm nature girl,
Nicole - The Goth loner and tough girl,
Sophie – The vain diva,
Ashley (Ash) The friendly bright blonde,
Jessica (Jess) The spoiled princess,
Hannah – The bossy loud self leader,
Penelope – The childish cute crybaby,
Kat (Katherine) The mean bully bad girl,
Lexi – The big heart yet strong girl,
Donna – The tough and cold tomboy


2. Sand, Rats, Tents, Oh My! ❦


The night had fell upon on the island, the forest now became a dark and creepier, but most of all Jessica was still lost inside it somewhere. “We have to go back to get her out of there, right now” Bella said serious grabbing robe and a flashlight in a hurry. “I’m coming too” Roxanne said with no hesitation with a sweet smile as always. “Me too, you need some back up” Donna grinned showing her great strength. “I’ll go as well” Nicole said holding up her flashlight smiling in the light. “Great! Let’s go then” Bella happily said and left off into the dark forest with them. “Good luck!” Lexi yelled as Ashley happily waved bye, Penelope worried but had admire their bravery, while Sophie, Hannah, and Kat where in their own little worlds.


In the deep of the dark forest Jessica’s creams could be heard closer and clear that Donna ran towards it along with Nicole behind, both in worry and fear of the worse. Roxanne completely startled by  the scream and frozen as he flashlight show glowing lights from bushes and trees that she dropped it ready to run but bump into Bella. “There you are, you okay?” Bella asked smiling. “Umm yeah…sorry” Roxanne shyly said with a smile then caught off guard as Bella grab her hand gently. “We have to stay together, don’t need tow girls lost” Bella kindly said walking and Roxanne blushed feeling very happy.


“Help me please! Ugh! Why does this happen to me! I’m stuck in mud!” Jessica screamed and cried out. “Don’t worry princess, we are here now and I’ll save you” Donna said abit annoyed with a smirk. Nicole stood watching them and suddenly came to realize the mud was not what it seemed. “Donna watch out! That’s quicksand Jessica! You are sinking!” Nicole yelled in panic. “What?! Crap! Now I’m stuck and gonna die with the dumb blonde!” Donna shouted very angry in panic. “I totally find that an insult, hmp!” Jessica replied with arms folded pouting as she sunk down in the ground more. “What are we going to do? And fast!” Roxanne said scared and worried starting at Bella who used the minutes to think.


“Not to worry, Bella is on it!” Bella smiled confident grabbing her rope to tie it onto a tall strong tree branch while standing on it carefully in balance. “Grab my hand…now!” Bella yelled as she jump down, swinging from the rope right over the girls where Donna eagerly grabbed hold tight and pulled Jessica out with her. “Yay! So awesome!” Roxanne shouted happily hugging Bella and Jessica except Donna who was still steamed up. “Mad skills Bella, very nice” Nicole said with a smile. “Thanks Nicole” Bella smiled back shaking hands as a sign of a new friendship. “Alright let’s get back, get out these muddy clothes” Donna said annoyed walking off abit jealous. “Same here, so ruining my outfit…one of a kind too” Jessica added very disappointed.




“Hey is it me…or did this forest just get darker…and scarier?” Roxanne said in a whisper abit walking slowly behind bumping into Jessica who bumped into a tree of bats. “Eeeeeekkkkk!!!” Roxanne and Jessica scream in each others arms loud as bats flew passed them. “What a bunch of girls…” Donna said rolling eyes abit with a smirk making firelight with wood to see the way through. “You’re a girl too…manly one” Nicole said sarcastic with a grin that made Donna mad and others laugh abit. Bella soon noticed Roxanne shaking as she walking almost tripping over a rock. “Here, you need this more than me right now” Bella smiled kindly taking off her blue jacket and handed it to Roxanne who watched in a state of red in the face. “Thank you so much” Roxanne smiled big cutely and blushing red in Bella’s warm jacket happily.


“I see something!” Gabby said in calm gentle shouted pointing ahead from the forest. In time Ashley, Penelope, and Lexi all very excited to see the others finally make it back with Jessica, ran to meet them half way only to run back screaming from a crowd of rats. “Ewww! Do something Kat now!” Hannah shouted in panic with the other girls. “Don’t order me you brat!” Kat yelled back trying to take cover. “Oh no you don’t, not this diva!” Sophie said with a glare spraying her hairspray at the rats, poisoning them into dying or running away. “Ha! That’ll teach you” Sophie said smiling into her mirror doing her hair again. Bella, Roxanne, Nicole, and Donna had stood watching in shock at the girls as they were back at the shore.


Still with a long night sky the girls finally got settled into their tents, there were four tents with code colors. In the pink tent were Jessica, Ashley, and Hannah. In the purple tent were Nicole, Donna, and Sophie who almost suffocated them with her hairspray. Then in the orange tent were Kat, Penelope, and Lexi. Last in the blue tent Roxanne with her stuff happily went inside only to stand frozen seeing Bella. “Hey” Bella said with a smile unpacking her things abit. “Umm hi heehee” Roxanne said shyly smiling grabbing Gabby by the arm outside. “May I ask what is wrong?” Gabby said in her calm at peace voice.


“Did you do that? Putting Bella with us?” Roxanne asked smiling excited. “Yes of course, what are friends for?” Gabby replied with a smile as she yawned.  “Is everything alright out here, its late you know” Bella said with her head popping out of the tent. Roxanne and Gabby laughed and went back inside, going right to sleep, Bella even kept watch abit in their tent. Unfortunately the other girls couldn’t sleep much all night by fear, discomfort, and homesickness.


Once the morning had come back for a whole new day on the mysterious island, Kat the first to wake up was in her swimsuit heading to the water sneakily with a mischievous smile. She began cooling off and washing her self just abit in the water while keeping a look out. “Hmmm what’s that?” Kat said annoyed looking down in the water only to scream but quickly pulled down in the water, disappeared in a moment.



Soon all girls was up still trying to adjust to the fact of being stranded with no sigh of rescue or even much help for themselves. Lexi and Penelope were constantly looking around the beach shore with worry and went to Bella. “What’s wrong?” Bella asked concerned. “It’s Kat, she not here” Penelope said in panic. “She’s wasn’t even there in the tent when we woke up” Lexi added with more stress of worry. “Who cares? Good riddance that jerk” Hannah said with a big smile relaxing. “You’re the mean jerk right now…” Roxanne said very angry by Hannah’s carefree attitude all the sudden. “She probably had wander off some where, she fine” Donna said confident. “Not my problem right now, too early” Sophie said doing her hair happily.


Meanwhile, Kat woke up with a sprain ankle from where she was pulled tight only to realize she was on the other side of the island and completely alone. ♡

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