Wild Summer Survival (W.S.S)

A group of girls travel together on a boat as contestants to reach the “Summer Million Dollar Show”, where one will claim the cash prize. There ride makes a sudden crash stop and the girls wake up stranded on an unknown island that once belong to a mad scientist which means the girls may defiantly not be alone. The girls try to survive on the crazy mad island until help comes, as experimental creatures and wild monster animals lurk all around ready to cause chaos.
Characters-Roxanne (Roxy) The sweet spunky lesbian,
Bella (Isabella) The cool smart and brave girl,
Gabby (Gabriella) The mysterious calm nature girl,
Nicole - The Goth loner and tough girl,
Sophie – The vain diva,
Ashley (Ash) The friendly bright blonde,
Jessica (Jess) The spoiled princess,
Hannah – The bossy loud self leader,
Penelope – The childish cute crybaby,
Kat (Katherine) The mean bully bad girl,
Lexi – The big heart yet strong girl,
Donna – The tough and cold tomboy


1. Land Ahoy, Girls! ❦


On a beautiful sunny day, riding along down the sea water on a luxury boat was twelve girls, each with bags of their things and each girl filled with excitement. “Now this is best way to travel, thanks daddy!” Jessica happily said on a cellphone wearing pretty sunglasses and enjoying the view in captain seat. “Don’t worry I’ll be fine, you taught with the finest drivers out there, a piece of cake, be there soon, love ya and bye pops!” Jessica replied and closed her cellphone, smiling at the calm sea yawning abit.

Inside the fancy rooms relaxing was Sophie hair spraying her hair and checking her looks in a mirror, Penelope eating ice cream with new friend Lexi, Kat and Hannah glaring at each other already making enemies, and Donna watching TV laidback in a massaging chair with feet up. Outside on deck was Nicole in a corner reading a black horror, Ashley making nice with a cute dolphin following the boat, Gabby sitting Full Lotus Pose in meditation, Roxanne watching the view with small peaks at Bella listening to music.

Unknown to them all there was big rocks under and above in the water and Jessica had fallen asleep in the captain seat during the long ride unaware of the danger especially the girls inside in their own worlds in deep thoughts of what to do with the cash prize. “I sense trouble…” Gabby woke up from her peaceful trance in worry. “Did you feel that just now?’ Bella asked turning off her music on alert. “…Hear what?” Roxanne asked feeling uncomfortable even with Nicole who closed her book getting back on her feet. A quick sudden crash happen, catching all the girls off guard and the boat torn to bits.

For an hour unconscious the girls had begun wake up gently in sand with boat parts all around them including their things. “Hmmm…OH MY GOSH!!!” Jessica screamed at the sight of the boat that made the girls jump up fast. “What happens…What the heck is the place?!” Hannah yelled shocked. “…We had accident?! How?!” Penelope asked shaking abit confused with comfort by Lexi. “Oh thank god I made in one piece!” Sophie said smiling as she hugged herself. “This not happening on my watch and I’m so suing you rich girl” Kat said mad with a small smirk at Jessica, dialing her cellphone. “No signal…What the?!” Kat shouted throwing her phone on the sand. “We are stuck here?!” Hannah yelled more with fist bawled up. “Calm down everyone, we are alive and healthy that counts most, now we have two choices, one find any help here and two search for any possible food just in case” Bella said in a strong nice voice.

(Island diary 1. Roxanne) “Bella is soooo cool and awesome! I’m glad she’s here with us, we need a good leader, role mode, and she’s defiantly already my superman…or superwoman heehee”


The first group to journey into the forest looking for any sign of help was Bella, Roxanne, Gabby, Nicole, Sophie, and Ashley. The forest seemed even bigger and wilder than they thought. “My feet are getting tired, what are looking for exactly?” Sophie asked and complained rubbing her feet sweetly. “Anything I suppose” Bella smiled and Ashley let out a small laugh. “Hmm…then how about this?’ Gabby asked holding up a piece of wood with words on it. “Awesome Gabby...It says Dr.Madhammer residence” Bella said very pleased reading it. “There are more like it in the way” Ashley happily pointed and they followed her to find an old destroyed house.

“Wow…If I didn’t know better this look like an explosion hit it” Nicole said surprised looking around. “It did and killed the scientist too” Gabby smiled peacefully pointing out with a skeleton up ahead in a chair. Nicole stood frozen shocked, Ashley fainted, and Roxanne scared squeezed onto Bella’s arm not knowing it. “A dead guy, that’s it I’m so out of here, lets go!” Sophie shouted disgusted and annoyed pulling unconscious Ashley by the arm. Gabby waved kindly at Dr. Madhammer’s (possible) corpse and Bella grabbed her away shaking head with a small laugh of shock. Meanwhile the second group that consists with Jessica, Kat, Penelope, Donna, Hannah, and Lexi was in charge of looking for any sight of food but instead was walking in circles. “Hey what’s the deal?!” Donna shouted annoyed walking with the others behind Hannah.

“Quiet I’m concentrating! Let’s see…umm that way... no this I’m sure!” Hannah said confident but easily not sure herself. “I can’t believe this, we have been following a lousy stupid girl all this time” Kat said very frustrated and mad. “At least I’m not all talk and can walk the walk” Hannah grinned and sticked out tongue. “What’s that suppose to mean? Better watch yourself!” Kat angrily said pushing Hannah into Penelope who fell onto her butt. “You witch!” Hannah quickly caught herself before falling and pushed Kat back into Donna who got even more annoyed.

 “Ahhh yay, I found something, looks like I’ll have my breakfast after all despite this horrible day!” Jessica cheered standing over a found nest of eggs on the ground that seems abit bigger than usual. “Excellent Jess, let’s cook up these eggs back at home base!” Donna said with a smirk eagerly. “Nooo that’s wrong!” Penelope shouted and pouted at them blocking them from the eggs. Lexi the whole time kept feeling uncomfortable looking around with fear abit in her eyes. “I have a good idea, leave the eggs alone and leave quickly please” Lexi said. “What’s your problem?” Donna asked sighing and moved Penelope out the way for Jessica to grab the eggs.

A huge monster bird appeared swooping down to attack the girls who were scared shocked running away in a panic except Donna. “I’m no scared of a dumb bird, make my day, I dare ya” She said holding up a fist and sharp piece of wood. The monster bird suddenly let out an awful sonic scream that knocked Donna out cold.


“Owwww it hurts!’ Penelope yelled. She held her ears running with eyes closed that she tripped with Hannah behind her quickly grabbing Kat who got bumped by Lexi, falling down into a hole all except Jessica who had suddenly stopped pulling out her mirror. “Eeeeeek it’s cracked!!! Nooo it cost over one hundred dollars, it hurts!” Jessica cried out waving it around dramatic as the bird was approaching her with his it beak open. The sunlight from the mirror hit into the birds eyes blinding it to run off. “Jessica find the other girls for help!” Hannah demanded from the hole. “Oh…when did this happen?” Jessica asked who wasn’t paying attention at the time of the fall. “Just get going already!” Hannah yelled as Kat held her ears. “Your voice is worse than that bird!” Kat yelled back. “What did you just say?!” Hannah shouted with a fist. “On my own…alright” Jessica said nervous and walked away to find the others.

The first group happily made it back at the island shore home base by sunset but no sign of the second group though. “Let’s wait for them” Gabby suggested and sat in her Full Lotus Pose calmly as Sophie took off her shoes to let her feet relax in the water as Ashley splashed her playfully. Bella rested on a blanket on the sand along with Roxanne eating a chocolate bar and Nicole reading. Before long night had come and the Lexi with Penelope panic more down in the whole while Hannah and Kat biker more but scared too. “My head…hmmm what’s that?” Donna finally woke up rubbing her ears and walked around only to find the girls stuck in the hole.

“Need some help down there ladies?” Donna grinned and laughed at them, pulling Penelope out first and together helps the others out one by one. “Finally!” Hannah shouted in relief. “Never again and not with you!” Kat yelled pointing at Hannah. “Thanks Donna” Lexi said happily. “Come on the shore is just a few minutes away and I see fire wood light, they are back!” Penelope said excited running off and the girls followed. In the now dark forest Jessica was still in it completely lost and scared using her cracked mirror to watch her back. “Anyone out there…? Hello…?” Jessica then let out another one of her famous loud screams that the girls heard all the way back to the shore. ♡


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