The Switch

18 year old Faith goes to London to to visit her best friend Louis Tomlinson who is also part of the famous boy band One Direction. She couldn't wait to see her friend but there was one person in the way... Harry Styles. Ever since they laid eyes on each other they hated one another. Soon something unexpected happens that has Harry and Faith depending on one another.


2. You Again

Faith's POV

Oh great Harry Styles... Why does he hate me so much? I have no freaking idea. Well I wasn't going to let him ruin my week with Louis. I pushed Harry aside and ran to Louis, I ran into his arms and we hugged each other oh so tightly. "I missed you" he whispered in my ear, "I missed you too Lou" I replied with a tear falling down my cheek. We broke the hug and he helped me with my bags, I tried to help too but he told me "No, don't worry your my guest, I'll do it" he was such a gentleman, unlike someone. "Mare" Harry said walking up to me, "Styles, what do you want" "Nothing, just trying to figure out how I'm gonna last this week with you?" "Trust me Im not that happy with you ether, I second thought this trip when I found out I was sharing a flat with you!" "Why do you hate me so much??!!" "I don't know why don't you ask your-self that???!!!" with that Louis came running down the stairs, "Guys please calm down, I'm sure we could survive a week without killing each other" he said standing between me and Harry. Harry just kept staring at me as if he was killing me in his mind, I knew I was giving him the same look. "Were going Clubbing tonight with the lads so I suggest you 2 get ready and please don't start a fight in the club, and don't drink too much" Louis told us. "Fine" me and Harry said and we both went upstairs. I went to my room, showered, dried and did my hair, I slipped on black shorts and a gold glitter tank top.

Harry's POV:

I put on my black skinny jeans, white t-shirt and my signature blazer and slipped on my white converse. I went downstairs and saw Louis and Faith ready to go. Wow Faith actually looked good? Woah! Snap out of it Harry! We all got into Lou's car and headed to the club, the lads were gonna meet us there.
Once we arrived we saw the lads waiting outside for us. "FAITH!!!" they all yelled when they saw her. They ran to hug her and nearly tackled her down, "Wow I missed you guys too!!" she yelled. "Of course we did!" Zayn told her. "I see you two survived the first morning together?" Liam said pointing at her and I, "Oh trust me it wasn't easy! She trashed talked me once I opened the door" I told Liam, "Oh no!!! No!! You started it!" Faith said defending her-self. After they all caught up we entered the club. It was dark, everyone dancing, some people really drunk, others desperate for things. We all went to the bar and ordered shots, we each got one and lifted it up for a toast, "Here's to where the night takes us!!!" Niall yelled. With that we drank it down, about 4 hours later we had to go home because Niall and Zayn were too drunk, don't get me wrong I was a little buzzed too but they started crashing into people at the bar, wanting to get into fights, even trying to steal other peoples beer. So we just decided to head home, we all said good bye and me, Lou, and Faith went home. Once we got there me and Faith started fighting again, "Hurry up Faith!!!! I need to piss too!!!" I yelled "Theres another restroom upstairs Sherlock!!!!!" she said, "Ya but I can't make it up there!!!" I didnt need to go to the restroom, I guess I was just a little drunk that I didnt know what I was doing. I opened the door and Faith was sitting on the toilet, she screamed and closed the door. When she got out she started yelling, "What the fuck Harry?????!!!!!!!" she said pushing me, "Sorry princess but other people have to go to the restroom??!!!" "Your such an ass!!!" she started walking away, I felt pretty bad so I tried to talk to her, " Faith wait" I told her grabbing her shoulder, then I felt a slight shock run up my arm "Ouch!!!" I yelled.

Faith's POV:

Harry grabbed my shoulder and I felt a shock, "Ouch!!!!" we both yelled. "You shocked me!!!" Harry yelled, "No I didnt you shocked me!!!!!" I yelled in defense. Once again we broke into an argument and Louis came between us, "You guys please I hate seeing you fight now go to your rooms I'm tired and you all are too so go now!!" he said pointing to each of our rooms, me and Harry looked at each other badly and walked away to our rooms, little did I know I wasn't going to be the same when I woke up the next morning.
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