The Switch

18 year old Faith goes to London to to visit her best friend Louis Tomlinson who is also part of the famous boy band One Direction. She couldn't wait to see her friend but there was one person in the way... Harry Styles. Ever since they laid eyes on each other they hated one another. Soon something unexpected happens that has Harry and Faith depending on one another.


1. Welcome Home

I woke up and noticed we were still in the air. The sun hit my eyes, I was on a plane my way to London to see my best friend Louis Tomlinson. My names Faith Mare and Im 18, I have wavy dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. I was born and raised in London, me and Louis had been best friends since we were in diapers! He was like a brother to me, we had a relationship no one could understand. When he was 18 he told me he was going to audition for the X Factor, the day he left was the worst day of my life, we both cried as we hugged for the last time, I also found out that I would be moving to America, far from my friend. I felt like I lost a part of me, I know he felt the same.

 I've skyped with him a couple of times and he sent me some plane tickets to London for my birthday, that's where I was going today. Louis never let the fame get to him and he always stayed close to me and other friends, he even came to visit me when he had his tour in America. I got to meet the boys of One Direction and they've become like brothers to me as well... except for Harry Styles.   

  There was something about him that ticked me off, he was cocky, he thought he was better than everyone(except for his band mates) and he always picked fights with me! Ever since we laid eyes on each other we've hated each other, he always knew how to get me mad. But I wasn't going to let that get in the way of week with Louis, I hope he doesn't get in the way.

My plane finally landed and I boarded off, I grabbed my luggage and got a taxi to Louis and Harry's flat. Let's see how this week goes.

Harry's POV:

"Louis, why can't she just stay over at a hotel or something?! It can be arranged?" I told Louis, Faith has always hated me for no reason, I was the same, she always fights with me for the littlest reasons. Yes, yes I like to get her mad, but she deserves it, anyways I don't want her staying with us because I know something's gonna end up happening and I don't wanna disappoint Louis. "Sorry Harry! Your not my only friend, plus i invited her so she's my guest. Please don't do anything to upset her Hazza, she's my friend too, and I hate seeing my 2 best friends fight" 

I hear the doorbell ring and I go to open it, it's Faith. "Louis!! "It's" here!!!!!" I yelled, I couldn't help it. "Hey Harry, didn't you hear? The zoo called they said they want their pussy back" she told me, ok that was a good one. "You guys! Please not now!" Lou said coming to the door. Faith pushed me out of the way and ran to Louis. 
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