Glad You Came

The Wanted. One of the best bands around! But what happens when one of the band makes Belle an offer she can't refuse and how can they keep it a secret?


3. School

After my little flashback I had to wake Sykes up. Fuck, it was Monday morning, I'd had about 2hours sleep and I was 30mins late.. all because of him! I gentley shook him but he only grumbled something I couldn't understand and turned over. I couldn't be bothered with trying- I didnt have the energy to spend on the idiot! I jumped in the shower (which only lasted 2mins because of how late I was!), got dressed in the dull uniform our school insisted we wear and when the dumb ass still wasn't awake I just left him a note on the bed:


You wouldn't fucking wake up and I had to go to school(like I told you a million times last night!) Just becuase you don't have to go doesn't mean others don't have to- selfish bastated. You'll be happy to know I've already missed first period and will be cutting into second by the time I get there. Use my key to lock the door on your way out and hide it in thr flowerpot on the way out, dont eat or steal anything.


P.S- I'll get you back for this another time;)


By the time I finally got to school it was break time.. As soon as I approached my locker, bleary eyed and baggy eyed, Becky came running up to me and engulfed me in a spine crunching hug!

"Where have you been all morning? Just because your Mum works away and you've never seen your Dad doesnt mean you can cut school"

"Look, it's a long story and I don't wanna tell it" because it's a secret I even keep from you and I don't even know why I'm doing it!* I silently add on the end.

"C'mon, TELL" she pleaded

The bell rang. I've always wanted to use the phrase 'saved by the bell!'


*I thought about why I'm doing it, it's because even though I hate the guy to peices - hes good, no, GREAT in bed. Even though I'd rather not admit it!





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