Glad You Came

The Wanted. One of the best bands around! But what happens when one of the band makes Belle an offer she can't refuse and how can they keep it a secret?


1. My Bedroom Window


Something hit my window, startling me awake. Rubbing my eyes I heard the noise again. What the hell was that?! By the time the object hit my window for the third time I'd made my way to the window, pulled the curtain back and was looking into the street. OMG. The actual bastard! I pulled my window open with a bit too much force and yelled into the street,

"What the fuck Sykes? You just couldn't resist throwing bloody stones at my winodw?"

"Woah, calm down Belle! It's only 2am!"

Well. That comment had me seething.

"ONLY 2AM?! It may have escaped your memory Sykes but I actually do have to go to school tomorrow, unlike you!" As much as I loved what we did together, sometimes he just made me soo bloody angry!

"Look, are you gonna let me in or not? It's raining like a mother bitch out here!"

"Fine but you can forget the front door, find another way in." I shut the window and watched him try and work out how he was going to get into my house. Yes! I loved to keep him waiting. I liked to think I had some power in our little 'realationship'.

Ten minuites later my bedroom door flew open and a soaked and very pissed guy stood in my room. I raised my eyebrows and he started ranting about how he had to climb up a drain pipe and into an open window! I couldn't help it, he looked like a drowned dog and what he just said.. it sent me into a fit of laughter!

"What? Oh, you find his funny Belle?" he wispered

He pounced on me, making my lye flat on my back with him on top of me. That stopped me laughing. This would of made many girls swoon but it was a fairly regular occurance for me. Yes. Me and Nathan Sykes were fuck buddies, friends with benifits, whatever you want to call it. My breathing had now become more heavy and he was making me wet, in more than one way.

"I'm not so funny now huh Belle?" he murmered against my lips seconds before his crashed into mine...

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