Glad You Came

The Wanted. One of the best bands around! But what happens when one of the band makes Belle an offer she can't refuse and how can they keep it a secret?


4. After School

When I arrived home from school I looked everywhere: in the flower pot; under the door mat; on the window sill and even under the bin but THERE WAS NO KEY! Where the hell had he put it? I decided to try the back door. On it there was a note:

As soon as you like writing notes so much, come around to my house and retrive your key! This is me getting you back for not trying hard enough to wake me up and making me late for band practice. Thanks bitch.


I was fuming. How dare he make me come and get my own key? HE WAS THE ONE WHO WOULD NOT WAKE UP EVEN THOUGH I TRIED!! I stormed to his house, banged on the door and watched it open.

"Hey! Oh B what are you doing here?" Of course Max (my best friend) would be there! And the rest of the band by the sounds of it. Urgh.

What was I supposed to say now? That bastard! I was gonna kill him when I got the chance.

"Ermm.. Just seeing if you were here- checked your house but you werent there so I figured you might be here. Can I come in?" I felt bad lying to him but what else could I do? He seemed to believe me though and let me in.

Everyone called a cheery 'hi' to me apart from Sykes and I mignled, played video games and ate snacks with them for a bit- Sykes giving me looks throughout. Even though I enjoyed the company, all I wanted to do was find my key and go home! Eventually I managed to sneak to the kitchen when HE was alone to ambush the dick for my key.

I wrapped my arms around his waist like I was gonna be nice and wispered in his ear "Sykes, what the fuck have you done with my key?"

"Oh, you'll find out" he wispered back.

I kicked him in the balls and demanded my key. He told me I could have it back but on one condition. I stayed the night at his and did whatever he wanted...

I fought and tried to compromise but he wouldn't budge so of course I was going to have to do it.

This was going to be hell...




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