Glad You Came

The Wanted. One of the best bands around! But what happens when one of the band makes Belle an offer she can't refuse and how can they keep it a secret?


2. 7 Minuites in Heaven

3 months. Thats how long me and Nathan had been having fun in the bedroom for. For me, even though we weren't actually going out with eachother, that was quite a long time. As I lay in bed the next morning-watching him sleep, I began to think about how it all started...


It was Friday night and as usual everybody was at Tom Parkers house(as you might be able to guess by now, I'm best friends with The Wanted) to PARTYYY! I don't know why every party was at Toms house, they just always were. About 2 hours into the party I heard somebody call "7 minuites in heaven, everybody who wants play kitchen now!" Me and my best friend, Becky, dashed to the kicthen as fast as our heels would carry us. From behind me somebody slurred,

"Belle, are you wearing space pants cause tonight your ass is out of this world."

I spun around. Sykes. Nathan Sykes. God, I detested that lad. He was always perving on me and making drunken remarks. He only had to talk to me and he got under my skin! Now, I know I said earlier I was friends with The Wanted but that excludes Sykes, he was the one I hated but I hung out with him anyway because he was the guys best friend.

"Aah, come on! Don't give me that pointed look." he said after I discovered it was him

"Piss off!" I snapped "for tonight please, just leave me alone."

Me and Becky then made our way to the circle and joined the fun that was 7minuites in heaven. After a while the bottle landed to Sykes- I hadn't even noticed he'd joined the game! He stood up, looked at all the girls in the circle, his eyes stopped on me. He held out his hand and everyone started cheering. Reluctantly I took it and he pulled me into the cupboard. Darkness surrounded us and I could only just see Sykes. The next thing I knew I was pinned against a wall and his face was right infront of mine.

"Lets make the most of it,huh Belle?" he said quietly.

Then his lips were on mine. God. He was a fucking good kisser, his lips were soft, he bit my bottom lip and his tounge swirled with mine. Without realizing it I was kissing him back, making the most of it. I tried to remind myslef I hated this dude but his kisses were just addictive. After around 4minuites of our 7, we came up for breath, then somehow started kissing again. When we came out of the cupboard, we made our way into a empty bedroom (I never would have done it if I wasn't slightly drunk) and well, lets just say we've never stopped since.. I doesn't mean I still don't hate the bastard though.

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