The Meaning Of Love

Arielle Jones has just moved to London,England with her Mom, Dad, 2 Sisters, Brother and her best friends Spencer Smith and Alexandra Reynolds. She can't wait to start school with her best friends but little does she know she will be attending the same school as 3 out of the 5 members of One Direction. After a very messy encounter with the boys Alexandra, Arielle and Spencer start to grow close to the boys. But what will happen when two boys take a liking to one girl what will she do and who will she choose. And what happens when Alexandra's beautiful younger sister Samantha comes to visit and will the boys forget about Spencer, Arielle and Alexandra completely or will the boys come around in the end. Read to find out. Also read my other movellas I'll Never Forget, You Had Me At Hello and Everything About You.


11. Not A Dream

Spencer's P.O.V.

The last thing I remember is Liam looking at me. Then I felt a slight tap on my shoulder I opened my eyes to see The boys staring at me.

"What" I said defensively.

"Nothing just waking you up" said Niall

"I would carry you up to my bed but your too heavy"

"Liam your mean" I said as I threw a pillow at him. It was actually quite ammusing because after I threw a pillow at him he started crying.

"It's okay Liam do you want me burp you" said Niall. Next thing I know i'm being whisked away by LIAM JAMES PAYNE with the boys laughing behind us

"Shut up" I yelled at the boys.

I couldn't believe it until he set me down on what I assumed was his bed and went into the other room. I didnt know how long he would be gone do I decided to go to sleep. So I crawled up farther into the bed and put my head on one of the pillows and fell into a dark dreamless sleep.

~The Next Morning~

Alexandra's P.O.V.

I didn't know of last night was a dream but I didn't care.

Suddenly I heard an "Ow" and I knew it wasn't a dream.

I quickly got up and walked out of the room and downstairs. When I got downstairs I saw Harry making breakfast while Liam and Spencer were watching Toy Story 2, poor Spencer she hates Disney movies. When Spencer saw me she mouthed HELP ME! Luckily Harry had just finished breakfast so I decided I would help her I mean what are friends for right.

"Breakfast's ready" I said in an echoey tone.

Right after I finished saying that Niall came running into the room with a grin as big as Jupiter. Everybody got up from what they were doing and went over to get food after everybody had gotten their food we all went our seperate ways.

Spencer and Liam to watch Toy Story, Niall played what looked to be Angry Birds on his phone while I went up to get Zayn. I knocked and no one answered so I walked in Zayn was still sleeping so I went over to him and tapped him on the head slightly messing up him perfect hair.

"Hello beautiful" he said as soon as he saw me he leaned in to kiss me but just then we heard a knock at our door I quickly jumped up and said

"I'll get it" leaving him sitting there leaned in with his lips puckered up.

I opened the door and saw Louis.

"We have an interview in 20 minutes" he yelled behind me then I heard Zayn moan.

"He'll be out in a couple minutes" I said to Louis then shut the door in his face.

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