The Meaning Of Love

Arielle Jones has just moved to London,England with her Mom, Dad, 2 Sisters, Brother and her best friends Spencer Smith and Alexandra Reynolds. She can't wait to start school with her best friends but little does she know she will be attending the same school as 3 out of the 5 members of One Direction. After a very messy encounter with the boys Alexandra, Arielle and Spencer start to grow close to the boys. But what will happen when two boys take a liking to one girl what will she do and who will she choose. And what happens when Alexandra's beautiful younger sister Samantha comes to visit and will the boys forget about Spencer, Arielle and Alexandra completely or will the boys come around in the end. Read to find out. Also read my other movellas I'll Never Forget, You Had Me At Hello and Everything About You.


6. Getting ready

Arielle's P.O.V.

Me, Spencer and Alexandra all have the same size clothes and shoes so we borrow eachothers clothes and shoes alot.

We all grabbed our outfits that we were gonna wear and went went over to the bathroom that was connected to our room. Luckily there was 3 sinks us 3 girls were very competitive.

The sinks we got were in the same order as our beds I got the right one, Spencer got the left one and Alexandra got the middle one.

After we brushed our teeth and brushed our hair I straightened my blonde naturally wavy hair but left it wavy at the ends and put my contacts in I wear contacts because their more convenient and because I think they make my green eyes look bright, Alexandra curled her red naturally straight hair to make it wavy and she put her glasses on she says she doesn't think contacts go good with brown eyes even though contacts are invisible and Spencer straightened her brown naturally curly hair and put her contacts in for the same reason I do but she has blue eyes.

After that me and Alexandra went back to our room so Spencer could change. After about 5 minutes Spencer came out wearing an fitted blue tanktop with the words live, love, laugh and rock on it and she was wearing pink skinny jeans with holes in the knee and black 5 inch heels. Next it was my turn. I put on my fitted pink tank top and bootie shorts and my black Converse I was content.

When I walked out the girls said "Wow".

"Thanks" I replied

"Now it's your turn Alex" Spencer told her

"Ok" she said in a happy voice

 I took her spot and a couple minutes later Alexandra came out wearing a white strapless top that barily covered her stomach and a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of silver Converse.

"Okay let's go" I said really excited

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