The Meaning Of Love

Arielle Jones has just moved to London,England with her Mom, Dad, 2 Sisters, Brother and her best friends Spencer Smith and Alexandra Reynolds. She can't wait to start school with her best friends but little does she know she will be attending the same school as 3 out of the 5 members of One Direction. After a very messy encounter with the boys Alexandra, Arielle and Spencer start to grow close to the boys. But what will happen when two boys take a liking to one girl what will she do and who will she choose. And what happens when Alexandra's beautiful younger sister Samantha comes to visit and will the boys forget about Spencer, Arielle and Alexandra completely or will the boys come around in the end. Read to find out. Also read my other movellas I'll Never Forget, You Had Me At Hello and Everything About You.


5. Didn't she tell you

Spencer's P.O.V.

When me, Vanessa and Arielle got downstairs we sat down at the dinner table Mrs.Jones asked us where Alexandra was I responded 

"Alexandra's upstairs sleeping I would be too but i'm not tired it's gonna be good to get back to my sleeping schedule up until I was 12."

Everybody gave me a puzzeled look so I said "Didnt Arielle tell you i'm from Bradford."Justin, Vylit, Vanessa and Mr. and Mrs.Jones all said "No" in unison.

"Oh.....ok" I said. After about 3 hours of talking and laughing Arielle said

"Me and Spence better get some sleep because of school tomorrow".

"Ok goodnight" everyone said.

Alexandra's P.O.V.

All of a sudden I heard a loud crashing sound and opened my eyes to find Spencer and Arielle sitting on their beds eating pop corn and watching T.V on our HUGE flat screen T.V. I threw a pillow at Arielle who had the bed to the right of me and then Spencer who had the bed to the left of me they both said

"HEY" at the same time then looked at eachother and laughed.

"Well I was trying to sleep and I suggest you do to""Ok, Ok fine" said Spencer. Arielle turned the T.V. off and they both got comfy in their sheets.

"Goodnight" Arielle said,

"Goodnight" I said

"Goodnight" said Spencer then the room was quiet.

Spencer's P.O.V.

Me and the girls woke up to the sound of Alexandra's white IPhone 4 playing What Makes You Beautiful.

"ugggghhhhh" me and Arielle both moaned we didn't like One Direction and Alexandra knew that so she would play them all the time.

"Rise and shine sleepy heads" said Alexandra while turning off the alarm she had set on her phone.






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