The Meaning Of Love

Arielle Jones has just moved to London,England with her Mom, Dad, 2 Sisters, Brother and her best friends Spencer Smith and Alexandra Reynolds. She can't wait to start school with her best friends but little does she know she will be attending the same school as 3 out of the 5 members of One Direction. After a very messy encounter with the boys Alexandra, Arielle and Spencer start to grow close to the boys. But what will happen when two boys take a liking to one girl what will she do and who will she choose. And what happens when Alexandra's beautiful younger sister Samantha comes to visit and will the boys forget about Spencer, Arielle and Alexandra completely or will the boys come around in the end. Read to find out. Also read my other movellas I'll Never Forget, You Had Me At Hello and Everything About You.


1. Hurry Up!

Arielle's P.O.V.

"Arielle Hayley Jones WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE." Yelled my mom

"I know mom i'm coming chill." I yelled back.

Dont get me wrong I love my mom but she can be a real pain sometimes. I ran downstairs dragging my luggage behind me when I got downstairs I went into a full out sprint in the meantime running into my little sister Vylit.

"Sorry" I yelled over my shoulder.

I still couldnt believe I Arielle Hayley Jones was moving to London, England the best place in the world in my opinion. I put my luggage in the trunk and pulled out my white IPhone 4 and I piled into the car with my Mom, Dad, Sisters and Brother. Me and my brother Justin sat in the middle row and my sisters Vylit and Vanessa sat in the third row. Vanessa and Vylit were fighting over something I don't know what but I assumed it was about which movie to watch they were always fighting about the smallest things. After about a minute of their fighting I decided to listen to some Ke$ha I put on Blow. About a minute later my mom tapped me knee.

"What" I replied 

"Guide your father to Alexandra's house"

"Ok" I replied. Then I said "Dad turn on Spring Hill Drive and her house number is 734","Ok" he replied. A couple seconds later we pulled into the driveway of my best friend Alexandra's house. I ran out of the car before it even stopped and ran up the driveway and to her door I rang the doorbell and 2 seconds later I saw my best friends Alexandra and Spencer standing in the doorway with their luggage in their hands. "Let's go" I stated and they followed me to my parents car. And we were off to the airport

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