The Real World?

Open to interpretation but mainly along the lines of feeling like you don't really belong in the world, and no one really cares about you, but then towards the end seeing how the real world is better than any dream world.
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1. The Real World?


Take pen to paper

Because it’s easier than talking:

And why talk when no one is listening?

When your only audience is the breeze

That moves through everything

Would you notice if it wasn’t there?

Would you notice if I wasn’t here?


If I climbed a tree, would I see more clearly?

Or would the clouds blur my vision?

Like when the sun comes out from behind a rain cloud

would it seem better?

Or just a bittersweet taste of how things could be

When someone becomes no one

When the first petal falls

When the first rain drop hits

Or the first tear on the page.


Putting the pen down

Snapping back to reality, where no one really wants to be

Because things are always better in our dreams

But why live in a dream world

When even though it’s the place you don’t feel alone

Where you are who you want to be

But it’s not real

And whether we like it or not

the real world is our world

And maybe I rather live in a world where

I can be anyone I want

Where I can make new friends

Where my family is

And where things may not always be great

but there new and exciting and real.

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