Makeup, more like Make out

Shannon Bennham dreamed of this all her life, now it's become a reality. She wanted to be on tour with One Direction. She loved what she did and finally she got a job where she did what she loved, makeup.


3. Chapter 3


Niall’s POV:

The three of us walked to Victoria’s Secret, new toys in tow. So far the girls were carrying bags from the Apple Store and their new stuffed animal in their hands.

“Can you two carry all of that stuff.”

“Yeah, we got it.”

She didn’t look too sure about that. Just to prove I was right Shannon and Hannah dropped their stuff, well almost. Hannah dropped her new monkey while it was still in its box thingy or whatever the heck it’s in. Shannon, on the other hand, just about dropped everything that she just bought from the Apple Store. I reached my hand out just in time to catch all of her brand new buys.


She hugged me, tight. I hugged her back, still holding her bags. I held out the bags again and she took them this time.

“Oh my God. Oh.  My. God. Thank you so much Niall for saving my stuff, you are a saint.”

So badly I wanted to tell her that she looked beautiful, but that would just everything really awkward here.

“Shannon it’s not a problem, we’re friends now.”

She hugged me again, “Thank you so much, you’re like the best friend ever.”

“Hey, what am I, chopped liver?” Hannah jumped in.

“Oh Hannah, you’re my best girl friend, now Niall he’s my best guy friend, kay? Now we all good?”

“Yeah we’re good Shannon.”

“Ok guys onward to Victoria’s Secret.” I couldn’t wait to get there.

The three of us kept going and finally got there. We walked in to see the boys there, looking, at everything. Oh brother, these boys are embarrassing me and I just stepped into the store. Hannah and Shannon walked over to look for some clothes and accessories for themselves. I turned to the lads.

“Are you insane?”

“Dude, calm down.” Zayn said always being his calm, care-free self.

“It’s hard to be calm when Liam’s shopping in the girls’ section. It’s even worse that Harry and Louis are looking through all of the lingerie.”

“True, true.”

Hannah and Shannon walked out of the dressing room. I instantly looked at Shannon, she looked beautiful. She was wearing a pink tank and a pair of deep blue cheeky shorts. She was also wearing blue zip up fleece hoodie. I fell for her, she was gorgeous.

“Hannah does this look ok?” Shannon said.

“Of course it does Shannon.” Hannah replied.

Shannon turned to me and the lads. “Do I look okay you guys?”

We all looked at each other, then Zayn looked at me.

“Shannon you look, you look amazing.” God, why the hell was I stuttering? I hope she didn’t notice.

She blushed, obviously didn’t notice that I had stuttered. “Thanks Niall, I think I’m going to get this and a few other things.”

She went back in to the changing room, probably to change back. She came back out, in her regular clothes. She went over to the racks and grabbed some other clothes. Finally Shannon and Hannah went to the checkout and paid.

“Hey, Hannah, Shannon, do you want to put your bags in our car, Paul can take them out there. They’ll stay safe too.” Harry said when the girls came over to us.

Shannon and Hannah looked at each other. “I don’t see any reason not to,” Hannah said.

With that Shannon and Hannah handed their bags to Harry and I who took them out to Paul who put them into the car.

“Nice thinking Harry.” I said.

“Oh, thanks, give them a reason to come to our car, maybe we can get them to hang out with us later.”

“Ok Harry, good luck with that and I’ll have fun while their still here, kay? Good.”

Then Harry and I rejoined the rest of the group and asked where we were going next.

“Well, where does the next thing on your list take you?” I asked as I came up to them.


“Claire’s who still goes to Claire’s when they’re in college?” Louis said, in disbelief.

“Apparently me, I need to get some new belly button rings, got a problem with that?” Shannon said, challenging Louis.

“You have a belly button piercing, no way.” I said, to break them up from doing something humiliating.

“Yeah, I got it when I was 14.”

“Isn’t that a little young darling?” Liam asked, of course, why didn’t I see that coming.

“Not really, a lot of my friends already had theirs when I got mine.”

“Do you have your belly pierced too Hannah?” Harry asked, I knew what he was thinking, cheeky boy.

“Yeah, me and Shannon got ours pierced at the same time, I just don’t wear as many rings and accessories as Shannon does.”

“Well, let’s get going, on to Claire’s we go.” Zayn said, obviously felling left out.

We head off to Claire’s, maybe I can help Shannon pick some to wear. Harry will probably get Hannah to buy some, he’s such a cheeky flirt.

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