Makeup, more like Make out

Shannon Bennham dreamed of this all her life, now it's become a reality. She wanted to be on tour with One Direction. She loved what she did and finally she got a job where she did what she loved, makeup.


2. Chapter 2


Shannon’s POV:

Hannah and I leave and go to Auntie Anne’s because you get hungry. I hear screams behind me and turn to see five boys coming towards the concession stand.

“What are YOU doing here?” I look in horror right at Louis.

“We came cause Niall got hungry, again.” Harry jumped in before anything bad could happen.

“Do you like Auntie Anne’s cause I love this place.”

“Actually I haven’t ever really had anything here before.” Niall said.

“Oh that’s ok, you’ll love it Niall.”

I grab my food and Hannah and I decide to go somewhere else. I mean yeah, I love One Direction in all, but I didn’t really enjoy being followed by them. I wanted to go to Build-A-Bear, but I didn’t know what to get.  Hannah decided she wanted a monkey so I decided to go with an octopus. Neither of us wanted clothes, but it didn’t matter because we couldn’t get them on anyways. Hannah named hers  Coco and I named mine Pinky, I didn’t really feel very creative then and it fitted it anyways.

I see that signature blonde hair come into Build-A-Bear.

“Niall, is that you?”

“Of course it is, who are you again?” he said jokingly.

“Ha ha, seems like you guys are following me and Hannah.”

“Well sorry if our schedules are quite similar.”

“No, no, it’s ok. I kinda like it.”

“Excuse me?”

“Being followed by someone famous let alone four famous British boys and one famous Irish one, it’s pretty cool. That’s what I said.”

Niall walked over to the first station and grabbed an octopus, just like yours.

“Why an octopus Niall?”

“Octopi are cool.”

The lady just finished stuffing and sewing your octopus so she gave it to you.

“Well we can be matchy, what are you going to name yours?”

“Shannon, it’s a pretty name. What about you?”

“I was thinking maybe Pinky, but maybe I’ll change it to Niall…”

“Ha ha, that’d be so cool, let’s do it.”

You and Niall decided to name your octopi after each other. Niall goes over to the check out because he insisted he pay. Hannah walks over to you.

“Aww, Shannon, that’s so cute.”

You playfully hit her. “Shh, he’s coming over here.”

“Hey again.”

“Where are you and the lads going next?”

“I have to meet back up with them at Victoria’s Secret…Louis and Liam are shopping for Eleanor and Danielle.”

“Maybe me and Hannah can just go shopping with you guys, we have similar schedules and all.”

“I’ll ask the lads, just let me call them.”

Niall pulled out his phone and called them. He made some faces at the phone, which the boys can’t see anyways then he hung up.

“All boys said ok-“

“That’s great.”

“Except Louis, but then he caved and said yes.”

“So we can come?” Hannah seemed very excited.

“Yeah, you guys can totally come.”

We grabbed our new friends from the store and put them into their box home. Then we walked over to Victoria’s Secret. Oh dear, I wonder how this will turn out…

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