The Prophet

This poem is connected to a fantasy screenplay I have written and it is basically the protagonist coming to terms with the death of her mentor and realising his death wasn't mere misfortune but an inevitability.


1. The Prophet

Your eyes betray your answer-

There's some sort of sorry there.

And I can sense the danger

growing from the burden that you bear.

I know your soul is weeping 

To confess your secret so disguised.

I know your mind is bleeding-

There's sorrow screaming in your eyes.


I never meant to hurt you

With my recklessness and all the flaws in me,

They should have warned you somehow-

Whatever person gave you me

That I can't see past my anger

And I don't do that much right

And if you'd only turned your back

You wouldn't have had to fight.


But, of course you must have known that-

Your eyes have glazed again.

Something you must have seen coming

Has caused you yet more pain.

I can't understand the reason you couldn't say goodbye

And I can't understand why you are gone

And I still have my life.


So no longer will I beg you

To tell the burden you must bear-

I know now that you had something planned,

You just didn't plan to be there.

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