How I killed Michelle

A 78 year old's story of how she killed her best friend when she was fourteen and got away with it. Also a bit of a romance.


6. 10:40

"Quick, in there!" I whispered, shoving James behind a plant that was growing at the bottom of a tree.

"Hey Chel," I started to say more but she cut me off.

"Where is he? Why isn't he here? You said you'd make sure  he was here!" she schreeched grabbing hold of my shoulders and digging her false nails in. She really was mad, worse than me. I was just stressed out and the situation didn't have me thinking straight but she was murderous. She was scary to say the least.

"Where is he!" She was really hurting me now and I panicked. I don't know what I said but I started yelling at her and trying to pull free from her grip and she just snapped. Screaming she gave an almighty shove and I fell, tumbling down a steep slope, which could only be the river bank, and I was desperately trying to grab hold of something, anything when I heard something that gave me a surge of hope.

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