How I killed Michelle

A 78 year old's story of how she killed her best friend when she was fourteen and got away with it. Also a bit of a romance.


4. 10:30

I waited outside the cafe with my heart pounding in my chest. I remember praying that he wouldn't turn up and that makes me laugh now because the kind of things I did that day weren't the kind of things that someone who prays should do. Well they weren't the kind of things that anyone should do. He came walking up to me with the biggest, most attractive grin I'd ever seen. That gave me a pang because how could I do this to someone so gorgeous? It wasn't enough to stop me.

"Hey James," I smiled. "You know what? I don't fancy a cuppa right now. Let's go for a walk first," I suggested gesturing towards the woods. What he said next sent chills down my spine.

"Dragging me off to the woods to kill me?"

Yes, I thought. Yes that's exactly what I'm doing. I wanted to scream it as loud as I could, let everyone know so they'd stop me. Make me stop! I want to stop it! SOMEONE DO SOMETHING!!!

I didn't say anything and no one did. I just smiled in my cutest way up at him and let him take my hand in his.

I think that was the moment when I first started going mad.

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