How I killed Michelle

A 78 year old's story of how she killed her best friend when she was fourteen and got away with it. Also a bit of a romance.


3. 09:44

Ok so I've started the plan. I've set it all rolling. I called James just now. It went a bit like this.

James: Oh hey Eleanor.

Me: I was wondering

(he cut me off)

James: If this is about Michelle I'm not interested.

Me: Oh no of course it isn't. I was just going to ask you if you wanted to meet me at the cafe.

James: Yes yes of course I'll come. I'd love to!

Me: ...

James: Um I mean yeah OK. Which cafe? The one at the edge of the woods?

Me: Yes I like that one.

James: I'll meet you there then at say ... 10:30?

Me: OK then. Seeya.

James: Bye

I know it was a pretty normal phone conversation for what we had planned wasn't it? That was the whole point. He didn't suspect a thing. I called Michelle to tell her that I'd done it and to be quite frank I couldn't wait to get off the phone because she's getting pretty scary and I'm not sure why I'm doing this. I should call the police I really should but I'd already got dragged in this far and I'm sure they'd pick up on the fact that I hadn't instantly backed out on the plan when I knew exactly what I'd be doing. That was when I realised what I was going to do and also that I was willing to do it. The thought made me feel sick.

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