How I killed Michelle

A 78 year old's story of how she killed her best friend when she was fourteen and got away with it. Also a bit of a romance.


2. 09:32

My best friend or who I thought was my best friend, Michelle had just gone through a 'bad' break-up. That's what she called it anyway. I don't really see what was so awful, it was just like any other break-up. James told Michelle that he couldn't be with her anymore because he liked someone else. Who he liked I had no idea but personally I think it was nice of him to tell her the truth instead of carrying on like nothing was wrong when he didn't have any feelings for her.

Anyway, Michelle was now very distraught because she thought that she wasn't good enough if he didn't like her anymore. Obviously this isn't true, over time people change and their feelings can change. I tried to tell her this quite a few times but each time she refused to listen let alone agree. She was so mad at James, she wanted revenge. I told her that there was no need and that it was wrong but she flipped out and kept asking me if I was really her friend or if I was really on James' side. This was so immature and childish but I knew that I had to keep her happy as she was a very popular girl; as was I but she would tell everyone that i'm a bitch and no one would like me so I went along with the plan.

I felt totally ashamed of myself but what other choice did I have. If I didn't do it I would be forever alone despite being beautiful and having a promising modelling career ahead of me. It seemed so dangerous and OTT ,what she was planning but I had to do it because otherwise I wouldn't be able to become a model if I was depressed from not having any friends (not that my modelling worked out for me in the end anyway). I bet even my boyfriend would of dumped me for some other popular chick. I had to be strong and go along with it. It would be OK as long as I didn't think about what I was doing.



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