Some Short Horror Stories

Just a collection of Horror Stories I have heard.



3. Silent Night

"silent night, holy night......" The carol singers sang softly, holding lanterns and smiling. something was watching them in the dark shadows. That thing hated humans, and liked to kill them all, hoping that they would all eventually be killed off. The thing wanted to kill these people so badly that it made evil twist inside him. The creature lay his trap. There was a huge pathway of lanterns, set to lure. The carol singers ran through, only seeing the lanterns, not realizing that the path ended at the end of the pier, not realizing that........splash. The evil creature grinned savagely to them self, and crept away menacingly, leaving only nothing. But tell me, dear reader, if I were to tell you that there was no pier, and there were no carol singers, then what did the evil kill?





leave a comment below as to what you think the creature was, and what you think it killed.


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