Some Short Horror Stories

Just a collection of Horror Stories I have heard.



2. Black Panther

I ran to the end of the tunnel,knowing that I would meet my doom at the end,hoping that just once he was late or I was early.No such luck,he's right there,why oh why did he have to be here?

"You'r just in time Panthernara,anyway ,that's a freak name!"

He hit me straight in the stomach,sending me flying,I watched helplessly as he grabbed one of my books,there was no point in shouting,he's just laugh.


I grabbed the pages as they floated away,he was gone,that was all that mattered now.I ran to class,with nothing to show Miss Lyson.Miss Lyson was disipointed as I expected,but it was me who had to find the information I needed through these torn pages.NOT her.


I sat at my desk,my lamp giveing heat,suddenly powercut,luckily I'd saved my work before,I was doing a project on panthers,one thing that I learnt today is that panther mothers will never let any harm come to her cubs.


"Panther mothers will never let any harm come to her cubs"


Why did my mother have to leave me to suffer,we've had shit through the door,a hose pipe that was on & many more things.


Then a lick rolled up my neck,then the power came back on.That night I slept restlessly.


That morning,I awoke to my mothers scream,I ran downstairs,a dead lamb laid on the floor,my brain analised something,this was a carefull way of putting it down,a rushed and horrid way would have its guts halfway across the kitchen,I remembered the lick,slow & deliberate,it felt like sand paper.


That's when I realised IT....


The next day,I walked with a smile on my face,he was early today,I just smiled.He punched me on my jaw, I stopped smiling he hissed


"What you gonna do FREAK tell your mom?"


"Yes,she already hear but you don't have a choice to meet her."


Suddenly a gaint black panther sprang out and ripped his throat out,she pulled his flesh off his face,spraying blood over her smooth black fur & tore his guts out sunding them flying across the alley,hanging from the lamp,his friends cowerd but she sprang across & gave them the same horrible fate.


You know,nobody ever bothered me again & nobody ever heard from any of those boys ever,EVER again.....

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