Opposites Attract


1. Prologue

Opposites Attract: Prologue

"Amanda Marie Jones, you better step the f*ck away from that toilet with my phone." I threatened my 'so called' best friend. This maniac that I called a friend, was black mailing me by threatening to drop my precious phone down the toilet!

"Alexandria Angelica Rodriguez, you are coming with me to the concert or say good bye to Sally." she smirked in response, I gasped as she mentioned the thought of dropping Sally. Yes, I named my phone, got a problem with it? Well you can kiss my a*s 'cause I don't give a flying f*ck. 

"If you ever dropping my phone into water, I will f*cling hunt down your family and f*cking interrogate them until I find those f*cking 'problem' tickets and personally burn them to f*cking smithereens." I said. She laughed maniacally and shook her head like this was all some kind of joke!

"You don't scare me. And by the way, easy on the vulgar language. Anyway, I know you wouldn't harm a fly so that threat is empty as your school bag is." she retorted with a proud smile. This girl really gets on my nerves sometimes. 

"Just give me my f*cking phone!" I yelled in frustration. My long fiery red hair was flying around wildly as the wind from the window in the bathroom blew. I yanked a bungee off my wrist and knotted my untamable curls into a messy bun. Now that my hair was out of my face, I was able to get a more clearer look at the situation.

"If you agree to go to the concert then I'll give your phone and you'll live happily ever after." she said in a sickly sweet voice. Her short cropped brown bob was styled in mini curls that swayed a bit in the wind. Boy is she lucky to have short hair. 

"I don't even know what concert you want to drag me to! It could be some one I hate for all the h*ll I know." I reasoned.

"That's not my problem, hon-" she got cut off as a 'ting' sound came from my phone. We both looked at it, but then she unlocked the screen with my passcode and went on to read the text.I really regret giving her my private details right now.

"Ooh, a text from Josh I see? 'Hey babe, what's haps?'" she read from the screen. I let out a big sigh of relief as I heard what he'd written. Normally being his pervy self, he'd start a convo off with disturbing sentences. Thank god he didn't this tim-

"Oh another text? 'I'm thinking of something that me and you could do tonight that'd be fun. ;)' He added a winky face! Boy you've got a bad boy on your hands!" she exclaimed, her eyes widening; I spoke too soon.

"I'll go to the concert with you!" I caved; she will definitely humiliate me if she gains any more information about Josh and I. She may be my best friend, but she has a really big mouth. 

"I'm not! Just give me back my phone please." I held out both my hands so she had evidence that I wasn't going to back out. I always keep my promises.

"Ok." she said happily, placing my iPhone into my outstretched hands. When her fingers left it, I enclosed mine around it and hugged it to my chest; that was a close one.As I was going through my usual apps and stuff, I took the time to ask her the most obvious question about where we were supposed to go to tomorrow night.

"Who's concert is it? Do you have backstage passes and stuff?" I asked, glancing down at my screen as I read a mention about me. I giggled as I shook my head at the comment.

"Yea we have backstage passes, front row tickets and a meet&greet." she said as she pecked at her purple nail polish.

"Cool, who's concert is it though?" I asked again as I let out a light laugh.

"One Direction's."


So there is the first part! I hope you liked it....despite any mistakes you may find :/ Anyway, I'm new to this site and don't know what are the terms of feedback so the safest thing to say is to comment/review please! Feedback would be awesome and don't for get to fan if you liked it :)
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