The Dead

Jackie Horton never realised that VAMPIRES excisted until ....


1. The Tradgedy

I was walking through the forest, when a human came dashing , faster than a fly,past me all of  a sudden I thought i wasnt alone. my freinds

I went to the mall with my freinds Esther and Paige, when someone brushed past me, and knocked me straight on my arm, i landed funny I looked at my arm, a bone was sticking out of my arm I looked up my freinds had deserted me i was surronded but yet I felt alone, the pain was excruciating but I didnt dare show it. I found my friends dead and sprawled on the floor. Written in blood it read " beware Jackie, forget what you saw in the forest".

I was weary for the next few weeks ; lonely, scard and morning my freinds.


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