One Thing

5 teenage boys, 5 normal lives, 5 normal girls. Brought together, to become a band. Follow their lives, before fame ever came, through One Direction


9. Chapter 9

(P.O.V Toni) 

There he was, he was asleep. Wires coming out of him and a machine, slowly beeping in the corner. What if I could never tell him how I felt? I broke out in sobs again, frozen in the doorway.  “Are you sure you want to do this?” Laura squeezed my hand, I nodded but didn't let my sight leave Niall. I kept walking in and sat on the chair next to the bed. Laura and Maisie followed me in a

nd sat in the other chairs across the large room, I didn't know what to do, where do I look? I stared down at my feet, tears dripping onto my jeans. I needed Niall back, I needed to tell him how I felt. Niall murmured, it shocked me and I quickly looked at him,  “Niall?” I whispered through my tears, Niall's eyes gently began to open and look right at me, “Maisie?” What? I looked over to Maisie, why was he asking for her?  “No Niall it's Toni...” Niall scowled, “Toni? Who's Toni?” It hit me, he doesn't know who I am, did he ever know? I couldn't stay here... The next thing I knew I was running towards my sisters car. 


(P.O.V Maisie) 

Laura ran after Toni, but I just sat frozen. Why did he keep asking for me? Why was the only person he would talk to was me?  “Niall.” I walked over to his bedside and knelt down. He blinked hard,  “Who was that?” He croaked,  “Toni, my friend.” I could see him think.  “Oh' yer... Sorry.” He winced, “Why was she so upset?” Should I tell him? “Well, she sort of likes you a lot...” I could see him smile, but then look right through me. He reached out for my hand, I let him take it.  “I don't like her back because I like you Maisie...” Time just froze, I stared at him stunned and let go of his hand.  “Niall, I'm going out with Harry... I.. I have to go now.” Niall reached out,  “Maisie?” I stared back at him and walked out the room...  “So how was Niall, was he awake?” Harry asked, I sunk down into the chair.  “Erm... Yes he was fine!” I whispered, “Are you alright?” Harry looked confused,  “Yes, yep I'm fine...” I couldn't get Niall's words out of my head... 

(P.O.V Emily)

  My sister sat in silence, staring out my car window.  “Toni, you have to tell me what happened in there.” Toni glanced at me,  “It doesn't matter alright...” I continued driving,  “Well thanks Toni for ruining my birthday! You're really putting a dampener on things.” I sighed, I now had to make her feel bad for her to tell me!  “I'm sorry Emily... It's just, well when I got to the hospital Niall was in a really bad way and...” Toni burst into tears, and turned to the window again, poor Toni. I hated to see my little sister upset, I wanted to cry too.  “Then what Toni?”  “He didn't know who I was, he literally had no idea...” I sighed,  “I'm so sorry Toni...” (P.O.V Samantha) 

What an idiot, if it wasn't for James we wouldn't be in a police station right now. I felt James put his arm round me, what a creep!  “Get off me!” I glared at him,  “I'm sorry alright!”  “Yer it's a bit late now! Yes I wanted you to get back at Niall but you got caught you Idiot! We are now in a police station, arrested! It's all your fault!” I turned my back to James, no way am I going to back him up in caught.  “Hang on a minute. What happened to us? Plus your arrested for the drugs and stuff, that's not my fault. You're the one who is really doing that stuff, not me! Yes the drink but not all the other stuff, and I'm the one who is going to get more time if anything.” I turned round,  “Shut up, they'll hear you! I'm planning on getting out of this place, I don't want them knowing that!” I didn't care who I had to take down to get out of here, I'd make up as many lies as I could. I was going to get my popularity back, I was going to get Niall back, I was going to be may queen. Whatever it takes.

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