One Thing

5 teenage boys, 5 normal lives, 5 normal girls. Brought together, to become a band. Follow their lives, before fame ever came, through One Direction


8. Chapter 8

(P.O.V Toni) 

I ran into my room just as the phone stopped ringing. Great, it could have been Niall asking me out because he broke up with Samantha at the club, a rush of excitement went through me, I couldn't unlock my phone quick enough! I really wanted to go to the club but it was my sister’s birthday so no way my mum and dad would let me out. I flicked through my mobile until I got to voice mail, I had one message from Maisie. Oh' well maybe Niall was to scared to tell me himself! I put the phone to my ear and listened, 

“Oh hi Toni...” Maisie sniffed, “It's a long story but, well there was a fight at the club involving James, Harry and Niall. I'm in the hospital right now, Harry was knocked out but the doctors said he should be fine. But Niall, he's in a pretty bad way, erm.... He's in intensive care and well... He woke up like a minute ago but he fell back under and has been taken into surgery. Okay... I'll ring you later. Bye.” I dropped my phone onto my bed. Niall, in intensive care. A tear began to roll down my cheek, I had to get to the hospital... 

“Are you alright Toni?” I spun round, tears rolling down my cheeks, I shook my head. “Toni...” My sister Emily ran over to me and wrapped her arms around me. 

“There was a fight at the club, Laura and Maisie are there... And...” Emily led me over to the bed and sat me down, 

“Where are they? Are they hurt?” I hadn't told her about Niall, 

“No, but they are at the hospital. Harry was injured and Niall.... He's in intensive care.” I spat out my words through my tears. Emily smiled, 

“So this Niall means a lot to you?” I nodded and put my head in my hands. Emily stood up and grabbed my hand.  “Come on, I'll drive you to the hospital.” 


(P.O.V Harry) 

“When can I leave? I need to get back at James.” 

“No Harry! You need to recover, anyway he was arrested.” I smiled, typical Maisie! If he didn't get a prison sentence I'd get him! I tried to pull myself out the bed but a pain shot up my leg. 

“Ouch!” I looked down at my leg, it had been pinned with something. 

“You may not want to do that young man.” A doctor ran across the room to help me back onto the bed, “Your leg will come out of place.” He pushed me back onto the bed before checking over me, I had no idea what he was doing. 

“What's wrong with me anyway?” The doctor glared at me, 

“Your leg got dislocated.” Well that's helpful, thanks mate! Maisie giggled, she could obviously read my mind, I turned and pulled a face at her, even in a blood stained dress she looked beautiful. The doctor glared at me again, “As I said before don't get out of bed.” He turned to Maisie, “Young lady you might want to go home soon...” He stormed out of the curtain and we both burst out laughing... Then I remembered Niall. 


(P.O.V Laura) 

Kirsty turned the corner, finally! I was about to fall asleep mid conversation! I took my jumper and put it on the seat beside me before lying across the seats. I closed my eyes, it was so nice! We'd been in the hospital more than 3 hours but it had felt much longer. 

“Laura! Wake up!” I slowly opened my eyes, and began to look up. Toni. I quickly sat up,  “Toni, what are you doing here?” Her eyes were red and puffy, she'd been crying. Someone had told her about Niall. I pulled her in close, 

“Where's Niall? I need to see him!” She mumbled into my shoulder, I had to take her to his room, she loved Niall and now he was falling in and out of a deep sleep. I took her hand and walked her into the main hospital... 

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