One Thing

5 teenage boys, 5 normal lives, 5 normal girls. Brought together, to become a band. Follow their lives, before fame ever came, through One Direction


7. Chapter 7

(P.O.V Maisie)  I sat curled up in the hospital chair next to Harry's bed, it had been over 2 hours and he was still unconscious. The doctor had told me that he was alright but I was going nowhere until he woke up. Luckily the police got called in time or Harry would of been in the same state as Niall right now... Poor Niall; right now he was in intensive care, being monitored because he w

as in such a bad way. Deep down I was thankful that it's not Harry but the only reason any of us were in hospital because of that spoilt Samantha and that idiot James. I lent towards Harry and held his hand, my hands were clammy in his cold hands. I must of been a right mess, my make-up smudged on my face, in a blood stained dress. I was too busy thinking about myself I hadn't noticed Harry's figure's wrapping around my hand and his big blue eyes were looking right at me. I got up and ran over to his bedside, tears flowing down my cheeks.  “Harry, are you okay? I was so worried...” He kissed me gently then pulled back,  “I'm not dead am I?” Oh' Harry...   


(P.O.V Laura)  We sat outside Niall's room in silence, doctors came rushing in and out of the critical care unit, where Niall lay. Louis sat next to me with his head in his hands. I didn't know what to do,  “Louis, do you want me to get you anything? I mean like a drink, some food?” Louis looked up at me and smiled. “I'll have water please? Are you okay Laura?” I should be the one asking that Lou,  “I'm fine, I'll go get us a drink...” I got up and headed in the direction of where I thought I saw a vending machine.  I could feel someone was looking at me, they were standing right behind me as well. Keep looking forward Laura, just ignore them and get the water. Why was the queue going so slow just to get some stupid water. I spun round to see a girl looking at me,  “What is your problem, can you please stop staring at me?” The girl with her arm in plaster looked around, I was obviously talking to her!  “Erm... I'm very sorry, it's just I think I saw you on the TV?” We were on the TV?  “What do you mean?”  “The fight at the nightclub, it was on the news. A boy called James and a girl called Samantha was arrested on suspicion on the incentive of murder, drug use and underage drinking.” Samantha Hardy had been arrested! I wanted to laugh but I couldn't.  “Yes I know, I was there.” She looked really concerned.  “So how are they, Harry and Neal, I think?” I smiled, “Harry is alright I think but Niall, well he's getting through it.”  “I'm Kirsty by the way.” She held out her other hand to shake mine, it was covered in bruises. What had happened to her?   

(P.O.V Niall)  Where was I? How did I get here? All I could see was a bright white light and my head felt so heavy. I blinked,  “Niall, are you awake?” A voice echoed through my head, who's was it. I moaned, “Niall, come on.” Was it Maisie's voice?  “Maisie?” I whispered,  “Yes Niall it is me, can you open your eyes?” I blinked, I missed her so much. Hang on, what was I thinking? Harry was with her wasn't he? I can't remember, do I like her? My heart ached. I liked her. I needed her.

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