One Thing

5 teenage boys, 5 normal lives, 5 normal girls. Brought together, to become a band. Follow their lives, before fame ever came, through One Direction


3. Chapter 3

(P.O.V Liam)  I have never been so bored in my life! For the next few days my life is go to school, go to detention, come home, do homework, then bed. I'm not even allowed to watch tv or go out, normally I'd sneak out when I was grounded but the dance is in a few weeks and my mum threatened me with that I'm not going to let Alice down.  I was so close to getting those tickets, yes I was out smarted by some nosey old woman but she wasn't going to stop me, and it was going so well, until I saw mum. I started to walk into the hospital so that the old lady wouldn't suspect me, then as soon as the bus rattled round the corner I turned and ran. The shopping centre was the other side of town and I only had 10 minutes to get there and into the queue. I wanted those tickets, I couldn't let Alice down, these meant so much to her. I was running, what if I looked suspicious and someone rung the police? Oh well, I could see the shopping centre entrance now, I was almost there and soon I would have the tickets and get home before mum... Well that was the plan anyway!  “Liam? Liam is that you?” I froze, I didn't want to turn round and see what I was dreading to see, “Liam?” I was busted; there was no way out of this one. I turned round and there she was. Mum. By the look on her face I know that she was not going to let skipping school go.  “Sorry mum, I just...” I looked down at my trainers but she grabbed my by the arm and pulled me into the car park.  “No Liam, I can't believe you'd skip school! Why were you coming to the shopping centre anyway? I'm taking you back home.”  Well you get the idea, you can probably tell what happens next but I'm now grounded for a week, I miss Alice like crazy. I've let her down... I'll make it up to her at the dance. 


(P.O.V Zayn)  “Zayn can I have a word?” Great! What had I done now, Mr Parks defiantly had it in for me big time. I dragged my feet as I made my way up to Mr Parks.  “Zayn, are you aware that we are partnering up with the other school in the area to do a massive spring dance?” I sighed, what was he on about?  “Yep, I heard about it, why?” Mr Parks stood up and began wiping off music notes from the board,  “You planning on going?” Okay, now he was really confusing me, “I don't know really, why does it matter?” Mr Parks laughed,  “Yes this does seem a bit out of the blue doesn't it? Anyway, we need some bands to perform from the school and we were wondering if you wanted to join a group of four other boys from the other school? I heard you sing and I think you'd really benefit you.” No way I was joining any band, I fly solo. These boys sound really sad to me anyway, making up some stupid boy band!  “Erm... I don't think so Mr Parks, I'm not really into that! Sorry.” Mr Parks handed me a piece of paper with some information on it, there is something seriously messed up with him!  “There are the details of the practice session, please just come alone and if you still don't want to come then you can leave.” I stuffed the paper into my bag and left the room, no way was I joining any boy band from another school anytime soon. Never. 


(P.O.V Maisie)  Why was I doing this? Of all the routes I could of taken to school, I took the one that goes past Harry's house. There it was, his house, my heart was aching, I wanted to run right in there and give him a hug and say how sorry I was. I wanted him to say my name, I wanted to get angry at him for taking to long in the morning and for making us late, I wanted Harry back. It didn't feel right, I didn't feel right. Stop it Maisie, Harry's changed, you need to move on... Keep walking, don't look at his house. OMG he was standing in the window looked at me, what am I doing I'm looking right at him. Harry held up his hand to wave and smiled at me, I looked down at my feet. I felt like crying, tears began to roll down my face that I couldn't control. I looked back up to him, he was calling to me... I wiped away my tears and kept walking, I need to stop doing this. I need to stop thinking about Harry....

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