One Thing

5 teenage boys, 5 normal lives, 5 normal girls. Brought together, to become a band. Follow their lives, before fame ever came, through One Direction


2. Chapter 2

(P.O.V Toni)  “There he is! Oh he's looking at me what do I do?” I smiled towards Niall as I quickly pulled out a mirror to check my hair, god I looked a mess, he was only looking over here to laugh at how stupid I looked.  “Toni, you look lovely. Honestly.” Maisie pulled the mirror away and smiled at me, “Eat Toni, there's not long left of lunch and you've hardly eaten a thing, your pizza has going cold, you hate cold pizza right?” I looked down at my pizza which was making the paper plate all soggy from the grease and the carton of chips which I'd only eaten 1 or 2 of. What was I think, pizza and chips, if Niall saw me then he'd think I was disgusting, Samantha never ate anything like that. I could see her the other side of the canteen, giggling away as she nibbled at some salad and sipped at her mineral water. Samantha was perfect, her uniform always looked super trendy on her, she had perfectly curled blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. That's why Niall liked her not me, that's why they were kissing right in front of everyone, laughing away. I would do anything to trade with Samantha. I couldn't look anymore it was making me feel sick, I wanted to cry. Niall would never notice me, I picked up my pizza and took a huge bite. Yuck! It was cold!  Laura ran over to the table and jumped down onto the bench making my orange juice spill across the table.  “Opps, sorry I'm so clumsy! Let me clean this up.” I reached forward to grab the napkin off Laura,  “Let me do it! Why are you so happy today?” Laura looked at Maisie and they both giggled, Laura blushed as she whispered,  “Did I not tell you? Louie kissed me, like a proper kiss and everything!” Laura's eyes opened wide at me, I wanted to cry really, why is it just me who has no one? 


(P.O.V Harry)  It was beginning to rain as I walked towards the dance studio, why was I doing this? For Maisie because she is my best friend and now her dance partner! I can't believe I even said yes to this, I think it was because I was in detention and I owed her big time, she hates being in detention. She hates getting in trouble, I couldn't care less to be honest. I tried to take the blame when we were both called to the head but I hadn't talked to her much after that. The studio was a tall brick building and I could see a light on in the window on the top floors, that's where she was; I ran into the main hall and up the stairs, towards my fate. 


(P.O.V Maisie) “So I see you've dressed for the occasion well.” I looked Harry up and down, he was wearing a baggy pair of chinos and a polo top. He glared at me, “Well I don't know what you wear for dancing do I?” I walked into the dance studio,  “Can we just dance please?” He smiled at me, how could I hate him? He was so.... Well I'd forgiven him anyway! I walked over to my i-pod and hit the play button and the music began to play. He was standing behind me, he was doing it again,  “Maisie?” I could feel his breath on me, I didn't want to turn round,  “Yes?” I whispered. This was so stupid, what was I hoping that when I turned round this time he's say he loves me and we'll live happily ever after?  “May I have this dance?” He took my hand and spun me round. This was not what I had planned we'd be doing but I was happy to play along.  “Yes Harry, you may!” He pulled me close in as we gently swayed to the music...  The hour had gone so fast, along with the £10 I had payed for the studio hire, after our interesting dance session we lay on the cool floor as I got lost in his eyes again,  “You know Samantha?” Harry asked, “Yep, why?” Why was he asking about Samantha? She was... Well you know!  “Well I thought I might ask her to the spring dance, since she broke up with Niall. ” I felt like I'd just been thrown into a brick wall and I'd been punched in the stomach at the same time.  “I have to go Harry.” I got up and began to walk out, tears gently flowing down my cheeks; “Wait Maisie! Where you going.” He ran up behind me and spun me round, “why you crying? I only asked you...” My tears became heavier, how could he?  “You don't get it do you?” Harry looked confused,  “Get what?” I pushed Harry away,  “Harry, all this time I thought that... It doesn't matter.” I turned round to walk out again, was he this stupid?  “Maisie, what is wrong?” I turned round. “Are you that stupid Harry, we do everything together... I love you okay! But it obviously means nothing to you!” I snapped, he looked shocked. I wasn't going to waste my time with him any more. I ran out the door, I ran out on Harry forever.

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