One Thing

5 teenage boys, 5 normal lives, 5 normal girls. Brought together, to become a band. Follow their lives, before fame ever came, through One Direction


19. Chapter 19

(Okay, now we are going to skip forward in time a bit!)

(P.O.V Laura) 

My stomach lurched, it was probably nerves because it was the first day of 6th form, this year was so important. I needed a place at university in London then I can see Louis when I want, I needed to work hard. One Direction were on tour at the moment, (I can't believe I was saying this!) So they weren't going to do A levels. 
“Hey Laura!” Toni and Maisie came running over towards me. I tried to smile but I was going to be sick. 
“Laura, are you okay? You look really pale.” Maisie placed her arm around me as we walked towards the common room, 
“Yes I'm...” I grabbed my stomach... I was going to be sick, Maisie grabbed me and pulled me into the bathroom, Toni following behind me. What was wrong with me, my throat burned as I ran into a cubicle and locked the door. 
“You don't think she's preg...” I could hear Toni whisper outside the door, 
“Erm... I don't think Laura would be like that...” Oh no... Oh god. I was... Tears ran down my cheeks as I threw up into the toilet, it couldn't be true. Oh' god it's possible... I needed to find out, I needed to see I wasn't. 

I ran along the high street towards Boots, trying to hold back my tears... I was missing my first A-level lesson because I was stupid, I longed for Louis. I quickly walked into the shop, trying to keep my head down so I wouldn't be seen. Thank god there was self check out, no one could know... I grabbed a tester from the selves, making sure no one saw me take one and rushed over to the till, my stomach still lurched. My hands became sticky around the box, as I scanned it through the till and popped in some coins, I can't believe this, my future would be over. I headed towards the toilets and ran into them, I'd spent most of a day in a toilet! 

The screen flashed, why was it going so slow? Why would it not hurry up and tell me that I wasn't pregnant! Words flashed up on the screen, and there were the words I was dreading to see... 

(P.O.V Louis) 

Another great show, I can't believe only a year ago, One Direction didn't exist.
“Guys, I'm just going to go and call Laura okay?” I walked out the green room, and out into the corridor and took out my phone and typed in her number,
“Hi...” Laura whispered, she'd been crying, I could tell.
“Laura, are you okay?” 
“Yer I'm fine...” She croaked, something was up.
“Laura what's wrong? You can tell me.” I lent against the wall as I heard her break into tears, “Laura?” 
“Lou... I'm...” She lead off, what was wrong with her?
“You're what babe?” 
“I'm pregnant.” She whispered, the ground felt like it was falling beneath me, I'd made her pregnant... 
“Is it mine?” I whispered back, she coughed, 
“Yes...” I needed to get back to Laura... I clicked off my phone and ran into the green room to get my things. 

(P.O.V Maisie) 

“Welcome class to sixth form and to your first english literature lecture, so can we open up shakespeare page 36 and we'll get on.” The lecturer began to scribbled some quotes on the board I quickly flicked to the text book page, where was Laura? She couldn't stop talking about this class and now she wasn't here or very late, something was wrong, Laura would never leave class unless it was a serious emergency. 
“Okay class, for tomorrow I would like you to read through Macbeth, and it would be wise to make some brief notes on the language and connotations used within this piece. Maybe 4 pages at the least but the head has recommended your preferred university entrance forms are given to you now...” Oh' god, Laura couldn't miss this, she had to get into the London uni or she'd be so disappointed. I hid my phone under the desk and turned it on, a text from Laura lit up the screen, 
'I'm not feeling well, please pick up my form. Don't worry I'm fine x' Well that was a lie, if she was fine she would be here! 
“Laura I have your entrance form here...” The teacher looked around, 
“Laura? It says here she's signed in?” I sighed and raised my hand, “Yes? Do you know about her where abouts?” 
“Yes sir, she was feeling ill so she asked if I could take her forms and her work so she can catch up.” Everyone looked at me, it wasn't just unbelievable for me but to the whole class too... 


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