One Thing

5 teenage boys, 5 normal lives, 5 normal girls. Brought together, to become a band. Follow their lives, before fame ever came, through One Direction


18. Chapter 18

(P.O.V Alice) 

Tears streamed down my face, I was an idiot to think Liam would just take me back after everything I did to him. A group of girls ran past the bench I was sitting on in the quad, alone and a complete fail, no one wanted me here and that cow Cara made that clear. 
“Hey…” Liam came walking towards me; I slowly wiped away my tears as he sat down next to me,
“Hi.” I whispered back, I couldn’t look him in the eye, he sighed.
“Why did you do this Alice? After everything…” The music faintly played from the hall in the background, I couldn’t lie to him now.
“I just thought it would all be okay Liam, I didn’t know you would be with Cara.” I spat out her name, but Liam coughed (must of made that way too obvious!) I looked up at him and he smiled back,
“Hey! I was desperate, and I can see why she was left… It was wrong how she acted to you, so she’s off snogging the face of Jamie or something!” I tried not to look to happy that Liam was no longer with her, but not even GCSE drama could prepare me for how hard that was! 
“What? She’s your date.” He looked away a moment before he turned and look straight into my eyes, which I tried not to get lost in.
“Well, I got annoyed with her for treating you like that and then when I wanted to come out and see you she told me if I wanted her as a date I wouldn’t go to you. So I told her to stuff it and came out here!” I giggled; maybe he did still love me? 
“So…” It suddenly went silent, I’d never felt so alone but loved at the same time which I didn’t think was possible! 
“Why did you do it Alice, why did you not tell me you were moving?” Tears suddenly rushed to my eyes, I could never explain this.
“Liam, I…” But before I could finish Liam grabbed my hand, and I looked up at him in shock,
“No Alice, why did you never tell me? Why are you here?” 
“I left Liam because I couldn’t bring myself to say goodbye but when it hit me what I had done it was…” I coughed as tears welled up in my eyes, “It was too late. That’s why I’m here… Liam I never meant to hurt you.” But before I could take a breath Liam’s lips touched mine…

(P.O.V Zayn) 

I was enjoying the attention I was getting way too much; everyone loved One Direction even though we had really been on the rollercoaster that is life! (Sorry that was pretty meaningful!) I think we could make it big, but you never know what’ll happen. 
“Zayn, can I have a word?” Fran beckoned me over, from the door that lead out to the quad, every girl looked round at me and smiled, I would have talked to them but Fran was glaring at me from the doorway. 
“What’s up?” I threw my arm around her as she giggled, and lead me into the Quad. I could see Liam and Alice and by the looks of things!
“Do you think they’ll be coming up for air anytime soon?!” We raised our eyebrows at each other and laughed. I don’t know what I’d do without Fran, she was my everything! 
“Zayn… erm, do you like me?” What was she on about?
“Of course I am, you’re my BFF! Always!” I laughed but Francesca didn’t,
“But the other day? Did you just ask me to the dance because you felt sorry for me?” Oh’, this was awkward I’m not really used to this, I did like Fran but I’ve always been her friend, come on Zayn. Man up and tell her! 

(P.O.V Toni)

“One Direction! One Direction!” We all chanted, they were amazing and I was a fan! The dance was going amazing apart from one small detail… Niall. The music kicked in and the crowd went silent, it was a new song. 
“I’ve tried playing it cool. But when I’m looking at you…” I looked over to Niall, he was looking for someone… then he looked right at me, and smiled. He was looking for me, I got lost in his eyes and for those moments it felt like we were the only people in the room.
“’Cause you’ve got that one thing…” 
Everything was going to be alright, everything had turned out perfect…

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