One Thing

5 teenage boys, 5 normal lives, 5 normal girls. Brought together, to become a band. Follow their lives, before fame ever came, through One Direction


17. Chapter 17


(P.O.V Harry) 

I'd never been in a more awkward situation in my life, Maisie, Toni, Liam, Louis and Laura were sitting round our form table in complete silence all because Niall was back at school. It wasn't that I hated Niall, it was just none of us had talked to him for ages. 
“Shall we welcome Niall back to school, just in time for the dance! Not much time to get your date though Niall!” Niall blushed and glanced over towards our table as the teacher began to write on the board. 
“Guys I think we should just ask Niall to sit with us.” Every looked at me like I'd grown another head or something, I know I hadn't been that nice to Niall but we had to talk some time. 
“Why? I mean he seems pretty happy over there...” Toni whispered as she glanced towards him,
“He is in the band though... This has to end some time.” Louis smiled, he was right he was in One Direction. 
“I thought it was mainly you with the problem anyway?” Maisie smiled at me, I think I'd accepted it now that Maisie wasn't in love with him and didn't cheat. 
“Well you have to move on.” Everyone laughed, that did sound so unlike me. I turned to Niall, 
“Hey Niall mate, come sit with us!” Niall smiled, and walked over towards the table. 

(P.O.V Toni) 

Don't look to obvious Toni, you don't like Niall anymore, just as long as he doesn't sit next to me. I heard the chair squeak next to me, and it was Niall, great! 
“Hi Toni.” Niall smiled at me and I tried to smile back,
“Oh' hi...” I whispered, this was so strange, I hadn't forgotten what had happened in the hospital and unless he was really stupid he hadn't either. 
“So are you going to the dance tonight Niall?” What was Laura doing, I glared at her but she just signalled towards Niall and smiled. 
“Well yes, I am still in One Direction right?” Oh' good, he didn't care about me, he cared more about the band, I don't know if I'm happy he hasn't asked about me or sad that he hasn't asked me. Harry, Liam and Louis looked at each other, 
“Yep sure, you did hear about the song list right?” Liam asked, I felt like I was just watching in on a conversation, maybe I should try getting in the conversation. 
“What you wearing?” I blurted out, what are you wearing? What was I thinking? Everyone was looking at me now, I buried my head into my hands.
“Erm... Sorry, carry on.” Maisie and Laura smiled at me, well bet Niall thought I was really strange! 

(P.O.V Francesca) 

I was so late for class, just because I'd dropped my books into a huge puddle and tried to dry them off under the hand dryer. I'd been in a bit of a daze since Zayn asked me to the dance, he probably only did because he was nasty to me but that was the least of my worries, I had to get to music quickly or I would be in huge trouble. I ran through the art corridor and quickly turned up the stairs to get to music, it seemed to be taking really long today just to go up the two flights of stairs to class, but there it was room 56. I walked up to the door and gently knocked on it, time to get my excuse right. Miss Langly, flow the door open, and I stood there pretty shocked.
“It was nice for you to turn up Francessca.” I blushed, I tried to see if the class was looking at me but they were luckily all working on keyboards.
“Erm... Sorry miss, but I dropped my stuff in a puddle then I had to dry...” 
“Francesca stop okay, we can talk about it after class, just go and get on with your work.” She signalled into the class, where I looked around to find a space at a keyboard, but I was worried about getting detention. 
“Hey Fran, over here!” Zayn called to me, he's saved me a seat at his keyboard. I quickly walked over to him because Miss Langly was watching me and I didn't want to get in more trouble... 

(P.O.V Liam) 

I was pretty excited about going to the dance with Cara, she was a change from Alice which I wanted. Everyone in the school was on a dance hype, most conversations were about what bands were playing, who they were going with and what they were wearing. I took a bite of pizza which seemed to taste nicer today. 
“Go on tell us about One Direction, you could be like the next big thing!” Laura laughed, “You could have like albums and be cased through the streets by girls!” We all laughed, I think we could all imagine that, 
“Especially me, because I'm totally irresistible!” Harry smirked, but Maisie hit him, (do you see what I mean about everyone being happy and on a dance hype?) 
“Liam!” Cindy came running over our table, I don't think I've ever talked to her before, why did she want me? “I've been looking for you all day because I needed to tell you something!” We all turned to Cindy, I don't know why she'd have anything important to tell me! 
“What is it?” She looked at us all,
“I saw Alice.” What? Alice was in London, so I don't get why it was important to tell me that. 
“You probably did see her in London.” Niall interrupted her, she couldn't be back. Why would she be back? 
“No, I saw her here. Well not here, here but in town, she was in New Look with her sister. So I asked her if it was her, and she was like yes, so then I was like why are you here? So she was like, she is staying in a hotel with her sister while Becky does some filming work.” Deep inside me I wanted to go and see her but she wasn't here for me, that was my dance buzz ruined...

(P.O.V Maisie) 

The dance was in 30 minutes, and I'd never been so excited in my life, but Toni was being tortured by Laura with the curler by the look of things in the corner of Laura's room! 
“Laura, seriously your burning me!” Toni tried to pull her head away from Laura but she just pulled it back,
“No I haven't finished yet! Anyway, do you want to blow Niall away?” Toni huffed, whilst she let 

Laura continue the torture, I felt sorry for her he was an idiot! 
“He won't like me, I'm not Maisie.” Oh' she still blamed it on me,
“Hey! News flash, I don't like him! So you go get him!” I walked over to them as Laura sprayed some product into Toni's hair. “Anyway, remember don't vote for me, promise or I'll be dead!” We laughed, but I was being completely serious!
“Look, we only have a few months until sixth form anyway and I doubt Samantha will get in, she'll drop out! She's way too stupid and then she'll be gone, you were nominated as princess, why not be queen?” Laura asked as she messed around with her hair, and Toni slipped on her heals.
“I don't want to be Queen and I know it's not that long but I want to live until then!” We laughed, as I totted across the room in my heels to grab my purse, I was pretty impressed with my dress, it was floral with pinky heels and I'd brought it all myself. 
“Shall we make a move girlies?” We all took a final look in the mirror, before running out the room. 

(P.O.V Alice) 
The dance started 10 minutes ago, which meant Liam should be there, I glanced around. People were looking at me, I needed to hurry up before someone told Liam I was here. Okay time to make the move... I pushed open the door and walked into the school hall, the music was playing loudly and multi-coloured disco lights were bouncing from every wall. A light quickly bounced onto Liam's face, he was standing at the side of the hall talking to someone but I couldn't see who because people were in the way. He looked pretty cute in his suit, let's hope he thought the same way about me, I slowly walked across the dance floor getting the occasional glance. Then he saw me, I smiled gently but then I saw panic flash through his eyes as he looked around. 
“Alice? What? Why are you here?” Oh' god! 
“I'm here to see you...” I edged a bit closer to him and reached out for his hand but he jerked backwards, oh' god. 
“The thing is Alice I have...” A girl came up besides him, wrapping her arms around him, she grinned,
“He has a date.” She said, so gently it stung more. “I don't think we've meet, I'm cara but I've heard all about you.” What a... If I wasn't about to cry I would of taken off my heels and shown her what for! I glanced at Liam one more time before pushing my way through the crowds, I didn't care who saw me now. 

(P.O.V Harry) 
“Harry! Let go of Maisie and get ready to go on stage!” I pulled away from Maisie's kiss, and smiled at her. 
“Good luck Harry.” She whispered into my ear before I walked onto the stage to join the other boys. One direction's first ever performance, which could end up being our last, 
“Let's kick some butt!” Louis laughed as he took his position on stage next to Niall, well that was one way of putting it! Okay Harry concentrate, don't muck up! 
“We have now got the new... Erm... Super hot boy band One Direction with their original song, enjoy!” One of the PTA member's bellowed into the microphone, Zayn looked over to me and winked,
“I wrote that!” We all laughed, but then the music kicked in and we started to sing,
“Your insecure, don't know what for. Your turning heads when you walk through the door-or-or...”

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