One Thing

5 teenage boys, 5 normal lives, 5 normal girls. Brought together, to become a band. Follow their lives, before fame ever came, through One Direction


16. Chapter 16


(P.O.V Alice) 

“You all packed Alice? Jake's mum will be here soon.” I stuffed the prom dress into my suitcase, but Becky stopped me,
“Hey! Careful with my dress or you'll be trying to get your boy back in jeans!” She took the dress back out and slowly stroked it, I must admit it was a pretty dress and I'd never actually seen Becky wear it, 


“If you don't get Liam back in this hot number, there is no hope! Did you remember the heels?” Becky gently folded the dress into the bag and zipped it up. 
“Yes I did!” My sister had become really nice since she started going out Jake, Becky's phone buzzed and she clicked away at it. 
“They're here, come on Alice.” I picked up the suitcase from the bed, and walked out of my room, to be met by mum at the bottom of the stairs, 
“Girls, can I have a word.” Becky rolled her eyes as she dropped her bag and guitar onto the hall way floor.“Excuse me Rebecca, don't roll your eyes at me or you can go back upstairs and unpack.” Becky huffed,
“But mum, they are outside and...” 
“Right, Becky you and Jake are in different rooms and I want you be sensible, no drinking or you know...” Mum blushed but Rebecca smirked, “But I put, erm... You know in your suitcase just in case...” Becky covered over my ears as we both burst out laughing,
“Okay mum! Too much information! Don't need to know!” She let go of my ears and raised her eyebrows at me, 
“I'm being serious girls.” We both picked up our bags, 
“So am I mum, it's not going to happen. Bye, love you!” We both kissed her before following Becky out the front door. There was no turning back now, I had to get Liam back or there was no point in travelling hundreds of miles and lying to mum and dad. 

(P.O.V Liam) 

Was it just me who didn't have a date for the dance? I hadn't really let any girl into my life since Alice went and there was no chance of her coming back anytime soon, deep down I hated her for what she did, but then I hated myself for hating her too. But after everyone had heard what she's done they seemed to forget her after a day of her moving, no one even mentions her. I still love Alice but she obviously never loved me, I can't waste my time on her anymore, I needed a new date for the dance. I looked around my maths class, Maisie well she was with Harry so I couldn't ask her, Toni has the biggest crush on Niall so she wouldn't go with me, Laura was with Louis. I continued to look around the room, Cara she was cute and single I think, maybe I'll ask her after class. The bell rung, here goes nothing, I quickly stuffed my books and pencil case into my bag and ran out of class to catch up with Cara, who was opening her locker and reaching for books. 
“Cara hi erm...” I lent against the lockers, trying to act cool but Cara continued sorting out books,
“Oh' hi Liam, are you okay?” She smiled, it reminded me of Alice's a bit but I tried to think about Cara, she was pretty with dark brown curly hair and large brown eyes, a change I guess. 
“Yep I'm great thanks, so were you thinking of going to the dance?” She placed some books into her bag before slamming the locker shut,
“Yes...” She turned to me and grinned, “Were you going to ask me to it?”
“Well yes, if you weren't going with anyone...” I blushed, as she brushed past me, so I'm taking that as a no. She turned back to me, 
“Pick me up at 7...” I laughed before she disappeared into the crowd, I'd completely moved on now, nothing would take me back to Alice.

(P.O.V Rebecca)

The three hour journey seemed to drag, especially the car bit because I felt sick the whole way as Jake's mum is a bit of a mad driver, I wouldn't hold Jake's hand for ages because my palms were so sweaty and I wouldn't kiss him just in case I was sick! Alice was lying on the hotel bed flicking through channels on the tv, I hope this goes well for her, I don't think she's realised that he might not take her back. 
“Did you want to go down to the cafe and get a hot chocolate or something Alice?” She briefly looked round at me,
“No I'm good, you and Jake go.” 
“Fine then.” I walked out our hotel room and towards Jakes that was down another corridor, that would please mum, as far away from boys as possible. I knocked gently his door, as it opened,
“Oh' I thought you were going off with Alice?” He hugged me close,
“That's what I thought, but she didn't want to.” I mumbled into Jake, 
“Is she ok? I mean, did she want to go see this boy in advance?” I looked up at Jake, why was he so amazingly kind and lovely. Best. Boyfriend. Ever!
“I think she was planning on making some big entrance at the dance, like that Taylor swift video, like you belong with me!” We both burst out laughing, I felt like I'd know him forever, well longer than a week anyway, I was in love! That was silly, well I was 18, I was an adult. We could get married and Alice could be a bridesmaid, she's look great in pink... 
“Becky? Are you okay?” I was snapped back into reality by Jake's super hot voice! 
“Erm... I was just thinking about... Alice.” Not a complete lie, “I'm going to go talk to her, see you later okay?” I quickly kissed him, before walking back to our room.

(P.O.V Alice) 

I went over what I was going to say to Liam over and over in my head and what it would all be like, Liam would be up on stage singing with One Direction, the crowd would slowly part as I walked through. He would be lost for words, and look right in my eyes as he sang a love song to me, once it was over he would walk right to me, nothing would take his eyes from mine. “Alice?” He would softly whisper in me, and then we'd slowly sway to the music as I got lost in his kiss...
“Alice, hello?” So it was actually my sister, not Liam at all,
“I thought you were going out?” Becky came and sat on the bed next to me,
“It's raining I can't be bothered! Should I get out my guitar and we can sing?” What was wrong with her? But she placed her guitar on her lap and started playing and singing,
“Sun is shining in the sky, duh duh duh, there ain't a cloud in sight...” I laughed,
“Why Becky? It's raining, you can't sing Mr Blue Sky!” She kept playing,
“I'm not singing about how grey it is outside! I'd rather pretend it was sunny! Sing with me! It's stopped raining...” She pulled a face at me,
“No it really hasn't, it's a normal English day ay ay ay!” She smiled,
“Running down the avenue! See how the sun shines brighter in the city...” I jumped onto the bed and started dancing, 
“Well not in London, it's just as dull there as it is here! And today is the day we're waiting for or or or!” I'd completely forgotten about what I was about to do, I was just with my sister, a hair brush in my hand dancing to Mr Blue Sky...

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