One Thing

5 teenage boys, 5 normal lives, 5 normal girls. Brought together, to become a band. Follow their lives, before fame ever came, through One Direction


15. Chapter 15


(P.O.V Samantha) 
I had nothing to worry about, I defiantly got through to the top 3 princesses, I was going to be Queen. A crowd was beginning to gather around the TV screen in the hall that was about to announce the top 3 princesses, they were not in for a surprise it was obvious which girl would be at the top... Me! As everyone saw me coming they smiled and moved out my way, I'd brushed off Niall and the policemen, I would brush away anyone who got in my way. 
“Welcome students to the reveal the top 3 princesses for the spring dance. Students were allowed to vote online for any female student in the school but many of you decided to gather votes instead!” Mr Peters glanced at me, I battered my eyelashes and smiled, even the teachers knew I would win. This was mine! 
“In minutes we will reveal our top 3 princesses to go through to the queen vote on Friday, so shall we get these results up?” The crowds began to clap as many girls giggled and hugged their friends... Prepare to be crushed. The screen flashed on, there I was... What? 

(P.O.V Maisie) 

“What's going on?” I asked Harry as we walked towards lunch, he wrapped his arms around me and I smiled, 
“It's that princess thing isn't it, do we want to go see Samantha get to the top?” I laughed,
“Come on then, maybe I got on there!” I didn't want to be a princess, the princess competition was for girls like Samantha who had nothing else to live for than getting a tiara and a sash. Harry grabbed my hand as we pushed through the crowds to look at the office screen, my eyes went up the name. 
'3rd Lizzie Jones' Well that was predictable, she'd plastered the girl's toilets with photo's of her and thrown badges at everyone. '2nd Samantha...' What? Samantha had only come second... She wasn't going to be happy at that! I looked over to her who glared at me... Why was she glaring at me? Why was everyone looking at me? I glanced back to the screen, '1st Maisie...' What? I never even asked people to vote... What was going on. I grabbed Harry and pulled us both out of the crowds and into the quiet corridor. 
“Congratulations! I never knew you'd be a princess...” Harry lent forward to kiss me but I pushed him away, 
“Neither did I! Did you vote for me?” He smirked, 
“Maybe... But I had to vote for someone and I was obviously going to vote for my girlfriend.” I looked through the windows to see Samantha still standing by the tv screen, she was going to kill me. 
“I can't win Queen, don't vote for me.” 
“Why not?” 
"Because Samantha wants to be Queen so bad and she will kill me, you saw what she did to Niall when he got in her way and got away with...” I trailed off because Harry started to feel uncomfortable at the mention of Niall's name, I don't know why because Niall was just a friend, I never kissed him. I never thought I did anyway! “Look I just know that she hates me now for beating her but I will defiantly make it onto her hit list if I get that crown. Don't vote for me please!” 

(P.O.V Zayn) 

I sipped away at my 'Colin' (I mean the milkshake in Shakeaway!) I couldn't believe in 3 days I would be standing in front of 2 year groups to sing a song with a group of other boys, we had it all planned and we'd even attempted choreography but decided to ditch that! 
“So you excited?” Francesca asked, she raised her eyebrows because I'd been day dreaming,
“Erm... I guess, but it's more for girls isn't it.” A group of girls giggled and looked over at me, but I just tried to ignore them. Sometimes these drop dead good looks can be a curse, Francesca glanced at them, and grinned at me. 
“Just follow my lead okay?” Fran whispered, but I had no idea what she was going on about, but the next thing I knew she'd wrapped her fingers into mine and began giggling really loudly, 
“Maybe we should go Zayny boo, this light is really bad for my skin, can I try your shake?” She was trying to make the girls jealous by making them think we were a couple, genius! I pushed my shake towards her and she sipped a bit before giggling, it was funny to see Fran act so girly! Fran glanced over to the girls who were staring right at her, whispering, I lent over to her.
“Let's make a move Fran my love!” We both smiled before, we both got up hand in hand and walked out the shop. 
“You are good Francesca!” We both laughed as we walked out of town, 
“I prefer the term evil genius to be honest! Did you see their faces though?” We busted out laughing, 
“I know! Like we'd ever go out.” Francesca stopped and looked away, “I didn't mean it like that Fran, I though we were just friends and...” She began to walk in a different direction, I never knew she even liked me, I was going to ask her to the dance but I had more chance of asking the librarian than Francesca now. 
“See you tomorrow Zayn.” I ran to catch up with her, 
“Where are you going?” She turned to me, her eyes filling with tears,
“Home, I'm going home okay? I can go this way.” She turned and continued walking up the hill, I quickly chased after her. 
“Go to the dance with me?” She froze,
“What?” She whispered so quietly it could barely be heard, 
“Will you be my date for the dance?” 


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