One Thing

5 teenage boys, 5 normal lives, 5 normal girls. Brought together, to become a band. Follow their lives, before fame ever came, through One Direction


14. Chapter 14

 (P.O.V Maisie) 

“I'm not sure I've I'll have a date for dance...” Toni huffed as she flicked through a gossip magazine, 
“Hey Toni, there are plenty more fish in the sea! You still have four-ish days you know.” I wrapped my arm around her, she smiled at me. 
“What about me?” We both turned to Laura, what was she on about, she had a boyfriend didn't she? “The thing is, after Louis kissed me it all got a bit a strange. I mean it hasn't been the same, we haven't kissed since. He hasn't asked me to the dance.” When I thought about it Harry hadn't asked me, did he need to? Well I had my dance dress anyway! Laura took out her phone and started giggling, 
“Oh' my god! Look at this...” Laura shoved me her mobile, a text was up on the screen from Louis. 
'Meet me at the community garden in half an hour, love you x' me and Toni giggled, 
“Ohh! What does that mean?” Toni chucked the phone onto her bed, 
“What do I do? Do I look okay?” Laura pushed her hair behind her shoulders and started to frantically pack things into her bag. 
“Yes you look hot! What do you think he wants?” I giggled, 
“Well...” Toni was laughing so much she had tears coming from our eyes, we both raised our eyebrows at each other,
“Well I'll soon find out!”


(P.O.V Laura) 
I waited outside the community garden gates, Louis wasn't there and I'd worried about being late. Maybe I had the wrong time or something? Was this the wrong garden? Was there another garden? I begun to panic as I quickly opened his text to double check, 
'Meet me at the community garden in half an hour, love you x' I sighed, I was right on time and the sign said community garden. I looked deep into the gardens, which was beginning to get dark, my eyes danced off the freshly cut lawns and spring flowers, then I saw them. I felt my heart flutter as I slowly opened the large gate and walked the path guided by the scattered rose petals.

I felt like I'd been walking for years along the twisting pathways, I'd never been here before and I was sure I would of been really beautiful but I was too busy freezing to death! Bet that's going to look attractive, being covered in goose bumps and shivering. I walked through a rose archway, trying to forget that I felt I was in the middle of the north pole or something! 
“Louis? Are you here?” The pathway finally came to an end as I reached a large rose garden, that was gently lit by candles along the verges. (But why was I thinking more about the fire hazard than how beautifully romantic this was, and why the best boyfriend in the world has organised this for me?) 
“You look cold...” I literally jumped out my skin and screamed before I realised it was Louis who had placed his jacket over my shoulders, which was now in a flower bed. I blushed, well I was making myself really attractive, if he wanted to break up with me he could now! I quickly picked up his jacket and handed his jacket back.
“Erm... Sorry, hi this is really pretty by the way... It's beautiful!” Stop thinking about fire hazards Laura! I grinned, god why was I talking so fast? Louis gently took my hand and I couldn't help but let out a squeal and then go bright red. Louis laughed, 
“So do you want to dance?” He began to lead me into the rose garden,
“But there is no music...” I whispered as he pulled me in closer to him,
“Does it matter?” He pulled me quickly in before dunking me back, we both laughed before he begun to hum a song. I tried to search for the song in my mind but didn't recognise it, but it was too beautiful to be made up on the spot. We gently swayed from side to side, I didn't feel cold anymore and I wasn't worried about the whole garden going up in flames.
“So do you have a date for the dance?” I was taken back into reality and smiled,
“I do, he's so good looking and really amazing!” Louis blushed,
“He is called Danny, you know the captain of the football team... And...” Louis scowled before pushing me away, “No way!!! You are joking right?” I walked in closer to him, 
“Of course...” He bowed his head towards mine, 
“Will you be my date for the dance?” He whispered before I got lost in his kiss... 


(P.O.V Alice)
So how was I meant to put this mum and dad, no way would they drive me over 100 miles just to go to a dance I was not invited to go to with an x-boyfriend that my parents had never heard of. Well you never know they could of turned hippie since they got to the city, maybe if I give them my term report it will make them feel happier considering I aced it! I'm just saying! My mum was placing dinner onto the kitchen table, as my dad folded up his newspaper and pushed it onto the dresser,
“Hi hunny, we have spaghetti!” My dad smiled at me as he pulled out the seat next to him, 
“Are you alright Alice?” 
"I'm fine thanks mum.” I slid onto my seat as mum put my dinner in front of me, Becky grinned at me from the other side of the table. I had told her my plan and couldn't wait to see how this was going to play out with mum and dad, I glared at her, well it was nice to see her being so supportive. 
“I got my end of term report today.” I shoved a folk of spaghetti into my mouth, 
“Slow down Alice... The food isn't going to run away!” My dad chuckled as he patted my hand, I was making this pretty obvious wasn't I?
“So sweetie, what did you get on your report.” All eyes were on me, okay Alice act natural, 
“Really well, I got like five As and a few Bs, my teacher said it was impressive for a new student.” Mum smiled, 
“Mum, dad I got a part in Hairspray, remember I went to that audition last week.” Rebecca grinned and glanced at me, why was she trying to make this hard for me? Okay plan B, steal the conversation back to me, my parents looked happy so time to drop the dance bomb! 
“Do you think I can go to the dance?” The attention was back on me, I continued eating,
“Of course, I didn't know the school dance was coming up, I must of missed it on the newsletter. When is it?” 
“No mum, it's not this school's dance... Erm, it's my old school's dance.” I whispered, mum put down her folk.
“Old school? You mean in...”
“Home mum, back home...” Becky interrupted, “What Alice is trying to say is some girls back at home, Sophie I think?” Becky looked at me as I nodded, “Well she invited Alice to the dance on friday, you are allowed to invite guests and Alice would love to meet up with her old mates.” Mum and dad looked at each other, maybe I'd underestimated Becky's acting skills or her new school was really good! 
“It's miles away though Alice... Isn't it leaving it a bit late.” Mum rubbed my shoulder and smiled, 
“Well actually mum, Jake and I were heading that way anyway to star in an advert, we got parts in and they were putting us up in hotels there. I'm sure they will not mind if Alice tags along and stays in the hotel room with me, I'll take her to the dance and pick her up, please mum, dad?” I loved my sister so much but I had no idea she was staring in an advert, or that they were being put up in a hotel. What if it's the really posh one along the river, what if the advert if like a designer brand and they see me and want me to be the lead?! 

(P.O.V Becky) 
I could hear footsteps following me up to my, I mean our room.
“Becky thanks, I owe you big time. But you never told me you were staring in an advert with Jake, is it...” Trust my sister to ruin my amazing plans, I glared,
“Shut up Alice, do you want to go to this dance?” She followed me into the room as I flopped onto my bed,
“So there is no advert?” I grinned,
“Well done Sherlock! Are you sure this new school of yours isn't like that spy one in those books you are reading.” I chucked one of her Gallagher Girls books at her, but she caught it.
“Ha ha very funny Bex! So you lied to mum and dad?” She sat on the floor crossed legged, like I was about to tell her some story. Alice is such an idiot!
“Oh' I know Alice why not go and stand on the roof and shout it to the whole of London? We live in an apartment now, mum and dad aren't that far away, you are such an idiot! But I'm a pretty good at lying right?”

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