One Thing

5 teenage boys, 5 normal lives, 5 normal girls. Brought together, to become a band. Follow their lives, before fame ever came, through One Direction


13. Chapter 13

(P.O.V Alice)

Mum pulled in outside the school, my new school, The Royal Kensington School for girls. I have to say it was a pretty impressive name compared to my old school, but it also had the most impressive building I have ever seen. I could only see the tall towers of the imposing manor house, through its huge iron gates and neatly trimmed hedges. I sat in the car frozen, I'd never been so scared in my life. That's when for the first time in days I wanted Liam... I needed Liam. A group of girls walked past the car, giggling and chatting, their uniforms posh and neat, I looked down at my blue tartan skirt. It was my uniform now. 
“Come on sweetie, shall we get you booked in nice and early.” Mum turned to me in the back of the car and smiled. 
“Good luck Alice...” My sister hugged me as I slung my matching satchel over my shoulder. Here goes...


Room 56. My form class, I gently knocked on the large oak door. Breath Alice, you'll be fine. I was too busy trying to calm myself that I never noticed the door open, 
“Hello, you must be Alice Parks, our new student?” Well she wasn't what I had expected, she was young and beautiful but she obviously was a teacher... I think! I put on my poshest voice, 
“Yes I am, it's nice to meet you miss.” She smiled, 
“You too Alice, I'm Miss Hildon, now come in and I'll introduce you to the class.” I followed her into the classroom to be hit with hundreds of eyes following me. 
“Girls, say hello to Alice. She is joining our class, Elizabeth?” A girl with straight blonde hair and large green eyes looked up, 
“Yes miss?” She smiled at me, 
“Can you show Alice around today? Explain to her how the school works, help her find lessons and can you stay together at breaks and lunch?” Elizabeth looked at me before looking back at Miss Hildon. 
“Yes Miss.” Miss Hildon waved me over to the seat next to Elizabeth. Eyes followed me to my seat, I wanted Liam so bad. 
“Hi Elizabeth.” I smiled at her, 
“Call me lizzy, all the teachers call me Elizabeth! It's horrible, your name is so much nicer.” I blushed, “Are you okay?” She was either really nice or a very good actress, 
“Well I just miss home, I mean I love it here but you know. I also never told my boyfriend that I was moving and I miss him and...” What was I doing? I don't know her, well it was too late now...

(P.O.V Liam) 

Had me and Alice officially broken up? I flicked through photos of me and her on my laptop, I though I knew her. My laptop rung... It was Alice calling me on skype, I huffed before accepting it... And her face appeared on the screen, a face I missed. Alice smiled,
“Hi Liam, I'm so sorry.” She begun to well up, 
“Why did you not tell me Alice? Your in London now, I though you loved...” 
“I do Liam I really do, that's why I didn't tell you. I didn't know how to put it, I'm so sorry.” I smiled at her, but really the hurt was not gone. 
“When can I see you again?” 
“I don't know but I go to a super posh school! Maybe you can come down at the weekend. Let me show you my room.” Alice picked up her laptop and showed me round her room... But deep down I was hurt, I couldn't forgive her. 

That's when we argued.... That's when Alice broke down in tears... That's when we broke up...

(P.O.V Lizzy) 

I walked through the year 11 corridor, Alice wasn't at school yet which meant I could spend time with my real friends; it's not that I didn't like Alice, it's just... You know! I got to my locker, unlocked it and grabbed my books. 
“Where's the new girl? You managed to ditch her?” Lauren smiled at me as I slammed shut my locker, shoving my books into my satchel, 
“She's not at school yet.” I pushed passed Lauren and headed for form, Lauren was my friend but there is some days where she just gets on my nerves... Like today. 
“Is she like your shadow, she follows you everywhere Lizzy. Where were you yesterday lunch?” I sighed and turned to Lauren, 
“With Alice, she's new remember! You can't just leave her wandering the halls by herself, give her a break.” Lauren laughed, I kept walking. 
“Where are you going? Form starts in 15 minutes Lizzy, come on.” 
“I'm going to the entrance hall to wait for Alice, don't bother coming with me...” I ran down the grand staircase, as I turned the corner I could see Lauren was glaring at me, hands on hips. Maybe I did need Alice, to be honest I'd swap anyone for Lauren. We only put up with her because her 'daddy' is stinking rich! But really she's the biggest... Erm... You know what in the whole school! 

Alice was sitting in the huge armchair in the library in front of the fire place, she was looking down at her phone. 
“You might want to put that away unless you want it confiscated... Alice?” I glanced at her mobile screen, it was filled with messages from a Liam. Who was Liam? 
“Ohh, Liam! You know we have a ball in a month, you should invite him?” Alice stood up, and smiled, 
“I wish... He broke up with me.” She walked out the library and I ran after her, 
“Alice I'm so sorry...” 
“Lizzy...” Alice broke into tears, “I want to go home, I need to go home!”



(P.O.V Francesca)


I pushed my dance dress into my wardrobe, well that was worth 5 hours shopping. I'd tried it on everyday just to double check that everything was right and just to strut up and down my bedroom! I slowly shut the wardrobe door, so I wouldn't catch the dress and threw on some washed out jeans, a t-shirt and converse. 


“Francesca, are you ready yet?” My mum called from downstairs, I grabbed my bag and ran down stairs,
“Yes mum, where are we going anyway?” The sun was shinning so brightly I squinted to see my mum looking flustered as she tried to carry a pile of boxes. 
“To get your dance tickets from the other school and to help start with the decorations. We need to be quick as we need to pick up Zayn as well...” 
That's what I hated about my mum, she was head of the PTA, which meant I had to take part in every school event, it would of been alright but my parents went along too... Super embarrassing! 


(P.O.V Alice) 

So Liam hadn't deleted me from Facebook yet, he was online and felt myself hover over his name with the mouse. Stop Alice he broke up with you, I so wanted to forget but it was too hard, everything reminded me of him. I wasn't going to get another boyfriend anytime soon, considering I go to an all girl school and I have no idea of anyone who lives in this area. I scrolled down facebook, I read Samantha's post, 'Spring dance this Friday, remember to vote for me for Spring Queen, love you guys x' The dance, I'd completely forgotten... I was going to go with Liam, we'd talked about it all year and now... He would take someone else. Someone nicer than me, someone prettier, someone who would never leave him... Like I did. But Samantha was being pretty optimistic considering she's just got out of custody, I can' t believe the school would let her even go to the dance. I glanced across to my Becky who was perched on her bed, a guitar on her lap, but I realised I hadn't heard her play yet because she really was quickly typing on her mobile. She was giggling and grinning every time the phone bleeped,
“Becky? What are you doing?” She jumped and the phone fell out of her hands, sliding across the carpet. I stared at her, Becky's cheeks turned pink as she snatched the phone from the floor. 
“Erm... Playing the guitar.” 
“I never knew it was a special guitar that didn't make a sound and you could play no handed whilst texting Bex?” She smiled, 
“Promise not tell anyone?” 
“Promise.” I laughed, I'd completely forgotten about... Great I've just thought about him now!
“Well I had to do a duet with a guy for our summer exam piece, and I got paired with this great guy called Jake... And well he asked me out! He's so talented and good looking, he's already been in movies and wants his own album in the next few years! How great is that? He's such a inspiration!” Becky squealed before typing into her phone again. It was nice to see London was working out well for her! 
“I'm going out...” I slid off my bed and headed out the room, 
“Wait Alice, you don't know the area! You'll get lost, Alice?” I ignored her as I ran down the stairs, I needed time to think. I felt like I didn't belong here, I didn't fit in at my new school as I did before, I didn't have a clue where I was (literally as I didn't know where I was walking!) I had lost my self in a big city... (In more than one way!) 

I hated what I did to Liam... I hated myself. A tear rolled down my cheek, I could never see Liam again. 
“Are you alright?” A girl slid onto the park bench next to me, why were people so nosey in London?! I glared up at her, 
“I'm fine thank you.” That sounded ruder than I had intended it to be, at least it should get rid of her. She smiled at me but didn't budge, what would it take for her to go away?! She had short brown hair, blue eyes and a tanned complexion, she was in a school uniform but not a private one. I noticed her looking me up and down, I was still wearing my Kensington Girls uniform and she obviously thought I was a stuck up brat. Well I sounded like one anyway! 
“I just thought you looked upset, I'm Gemma by the way.” She smiled, I needed to tell someone... 
“It's just, I moved to London and I never told my boyfriend... We broke up and I miss him so much!” I broke into sobs, Gemma looked completely shocked witch made me smile inside but I was still hurting. “And it's prom friday...” I stammered, 
“Go back!” I looked at her confused, she grinned as she tucked her hair behind her ear, 
“Go back to him, go to prom! Tell him how you feel. Fight for him back.” I laughed, it wasn't a bad idea! 
“Thanks, I'm going to get him back!” I wiped my tears and walked off home, I was going to the dance. I was going to get Liam. 

(This is a pretty long part! Hope you like it x)


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