One Thing

5 teenage boys, 5 normal lives, 5 normal girls. Brought together, to become a band. Follow their lives, before fame ever came, through One Direction


12. Chapter 12

(P.O.V Liam)   

I looked around our form class, was it only me who noticed Alice wasn't at school today? Yesterday when I saw her she seemed alright I guess, but not ill. Her seat was empty next to me, but no one glanced over, no one asked where she was, everyone just sat in their groups chatting. Apart from me, I wanted to text her to check she was okay but I'd left my phone at home on charge. Mr Jenkins started the register, then he got to Alice,  “Alice?” He looked over to her usual seat next to me, “Oh silly me! I forgot to take her off the register!” What? Why would he need to take her off the register, what's happened? Toni glanced at me, she must of noticed me wondering where Alice was. “Are you okay Liam?” I glanced at her, “What's happened to Alice, why is she not here?” Laura and Maisie had now turned round to look, what weren't they telling me? I could see there was something...  “Erm... Liam did Alice not tell you?” Said Alice, she could see that I didn't know,  “Liam... Alice moved to London...” Maisie frowned,  “She left this morning... I'm so sorry.” Toni turned back round to the desk before the girls started whispering, occasionally glancing back at me. Why had Alice done this to me, I thought she was my girlfriend. I can't believe Alice... She never told me and now she was gone...  


(P.O.V Alice)   

My last day had gone so quick, I never had long enough. I never had time to tell Liam and I left him to find out the hard way... Good going Alice! So there goes my boyfriend, he thought yesterday was just a normal day, we talked normal things, we had a normal lunch, we walked home like normal... But really it was the last time I would ever see him in person for a long time. I glanced across mine and Becky's new room, it was bigger than the one at home. I did like it, with baby blue walls and a slanted ceiling, with two large windows I could see rooftops for miles and the dome of Saint Paul's cathedral in the distance. It was different but deep down I actually liked it. But my family weren't going to find that out.  “Can I have my bed over there?” I asked my mum, as I pointed to the far corner of the room. “By the wall mum?” My mum and Becky were moving her bed against the side wall, they both glared at me, “Yes your majesty, or would you like to help me sort out all your things?” I got up and walked over to my bed which was dumped in the doorway. Today was the start of my new life... I had to forget about Liam, he must by hating me right now... Bye Liam.   


(P.O.V Zayn) 

One Direction were not going well, it seemed like we were not performing at the dance after all, we'd had a few rehearsals that went well but the last one was over 2 weeks ago but it was only a week until the dance... And I was dreading it. Francesca had dragged me to buy myself a suit, it took about 2 hours for her to decide which suit looked best on me and I thought that was bad. I was now in unknown territory... A dress shop.  “What do you think?” Francesca pulled back the changing room curtain, to reveal the ugly puffy yellow dress she was wearing. I burst out laughing,  “God! Get me some sunglasses! What is that thing?!” I smiled, as Fran put her hands on her hips, “Is it that bad?” She walked over to the full length mirror before storming back to the changing room, “Forget I ever asked that! No way am I wearing this! Zayn could you go and get me that floral dress I looked at please? I want to try it on.” Francesca pulled the curtain back across, “Now Zayn! You want to get out of here as much as I do right now, we need to get shoes before the shops shut as well!” She shouted, I groaned before walking back into the shop. Why did Francesca hate me so much?! This dance better be good, it's already wasted 10 hours of my life!


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