One Thing

5 teenage boys, 5 normal lives, 5 normal girls. Brought together, to become a band. Follow their lives, before fame ever came, through One Direction


11. Chapter 11

(P.O.V Alice) 

“No Alice, we are moving to London!” I felt like I'd been hit in the face with cold water, had I heard it right? I can't move to London, I have friends, I have Liam. Where would I go to school?  “What? When are we going?” I can't believe this was actually happening! I hate Becky for this! Glad to see my mum was happy about moving miles away,  “This Friday, you will have the day off, so you have the weekend to sort out your new room!” Hang on, it's Wednesday. Tomorrow is my last day, tomorrow was my last day with Liam! How could my family do this to me?  “Isn't this great sweetie? Wait until you see our new home, it's amazing! It's a lovely victorian apartment, very modern. You and your sister will share a really big attack bedroom and you got into a lovely posh girls school. You'll live up to your potential more there!” I stood up,  “So you wanted to tell me this a day before we left! What about me? What about my friends? What if I don't want to go to London!” I ran into the hallway and out the door. I had to go and see Liam. 


(P.O.V Harry) 

I flicked through every channel on the tv, I was waiting for someone to have a go at me for skipping school but it was pointless really because I never got any answers off Niall, not really.  “Oh' Harry, are you alright mate?” Niall croaked as I entered his room, he was looking better but he was still strapped to some beeping machine. I limped over to the chair next to his bed and flopped down, “Yep, I'm alright, you?” Niall winced as he tried to sit up in his bed,  “I'm getting better, you know! Are you sure you're okay? You were limping and aren't you meant to be at school?” I moved his pillow to help him sit up, “Well my leg hurts because I ran here and I don't think I was meant to and I am meant to be at school but I needed to talk to you.” I sat up, okay Harry don't get mad.  “Okay shoot! What do you want to talk to me about?” So how do I put this?  “You like Maisie, don't you?” Niall went red,  “Erm... Yes, I'm so sorry Harry I forgot that you were going out. I can't help it! I wouldn't be surprised if you wanted to hit me right now!” I couldn't hit him, I would never hit my irish brother!


  (P.O.V Becky) 

I'd never been so excited in my life, I knew Alice wasn't, mum had told me how she'd stormed out when she told her about it. She's such a baby, but she'll thank me when I become a rich and famous actress. I went through her draws and folded her clothes into the suitcase, this way she could not argue.  “What are you doing?” Alice was standing in our bedroom doorway, I carried on folding.  “This is my bedroom too you know.” She walked over to the suitcase and looked into it,  “Hang on, they are my things! Put them back!” She snatched a t-shirt out my hands but I took it back and shoved it in the case.  “We will have no time tomorrow to pack, everything needs to be ready so the furniture can be taken. We are moving Alice if you like it or not!” Alice sat on the edge of her bed, sulking.  “I'll go with not Becky, why do you need to go to stage school anyway?” I walked over to her bed and sat down too,  “It's my dream, we'll all benefit from going to London. A better home, a better school, better opportunities. As much as you hate this we are going to London on Friday, please Alice. For me?”  “It's a fresh start I guess, I can always visit here or if I hate London I can live with Grandma.”

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