One Thing

5 teenage boys, 5 normal lives, 5 normal girls. Brought together, to become a band. Follow their lives, before fame ever came, through One Direction


10. Chapter 10

(P.O.V Laura) 

Why has there been so much drama recently, it was like my life had turned into the biggest episode of Eastenders ever. I don't even like Eastenders and now I was living in it! I walked into the school gates by myself, Toni hadn't replied to my texts which I'd been sending her all weekend and every time I asked Maisie what was going on with Niall she'd reply with 'Nothing, don't worry.' She was lying, something was up and it had made Toni run out the hospital in tears.


  (P.O.V Maisie) 

It was like yesterday when I was last standing in Harry's hallway, waiting for him to come down. But this time, it wasn't Harry I was thinking about... It was Niall. What was I doing, I couldn't do this to Harry. I didn't like Niall. I'd never liked him. Did I?  “You alright Maisie?” I jumped, Harry stood at the bottom of the stairs. Think of something, great I can't!  “Erm... Nothing.” He stared at me, he wasn't going to take that as an answer. “Maisie, since Saturday night you've been acting really strange, what's wrong?” I looked around the hallway, how was I meant to put this, Niall is madly in love with me and keeps asking for me at the hospital. Also Toni is really in love with him, ran off crying and now will not talk to me. Erm... Maybe not!  “Harry no! Don't it's not his fault, what about school!?” I shouted along the road, but he took no notice as he ran towards the hospital. What had I done?   


(P.O.V Toni) 

I scribbled down the date into my science book, I completely ignored Liam and Laura's attempts at trying to talk to me; I looked around the classroom to see that Maisie was sitting by herself at the other side of the classroom, Harry probably broke up with her when he found out she was secretly dating Niall. I can't believe she would do that to me, she knew I'd liked Niall for months. I thought I knew her.  "Does anyone know where Harry is? Liam? Maisie?” Mrs Williams looked towards Liam, he shook his head. The whole class turned to Maisie, who just bowed her head,  “He's at the hospital I think, with erm... Niall.” Mrs Williams quickly typed something into her laptop.  “Well it seems he hasn't got permission to leave school, I think he's been hanging around Liam too long!”  “Ha ha Mrs Williams very funny!” I giggled, Laura looked round at me but I quickly looked away. Maybe I could just forgive Laura... Only Laura. My phone buzzed in my trouser pocket, I quickly pulled it out and hid it under the table. It was from Maisie, it was going to be her begging for forgiveness, again. I looked over to her but she was copying diagrams from the board into her book. I quickly opened it, 'Toni, this is the truth. Niall said he likes me, but I don't like him. I told Harry, and he was furious with him and went down to the hospital, I'm so worried and you're one of my best friends, I'm so sorry.' Harry had gone to the hospital, to shout at him. I never knew, he could get kicked out the hospital, he could get arrested. Niall had never liked me, I had to get that in my head now, I couldn't like him anymore. He's an idiot! I giggled to myself, a shadow came over my table. Oh' no....  “I think I'll have that phone Toni, you know the rules...” Mum was going to kill me! 


(P.O.V Harry) 

I walked towards Niall's hospital room, well it was more of a limp because I don't think I should of ran the day after I left this place. Did Maisie like Niall, it thought she liked me? Why did it take her so long to tell me, they weren't secretly like... No she wouldn't do that! God Harry, Maisie would never do that. As much as I told myself that, the thought of her cheating on me spun around my mind. 


(P.O.V Alice) 

I pulled my house key out the lock, slammed the front door and ran into the living room, mum was working which meant I could watch 'Real Housewives', without mum or Becky, my sister, moaning through it. I jumped onto the sofa, when saw my mum sitting in the armchair.  “Careful Alice, come on sit up!” Why was she home? “Mum what are you doing home, I thought you were working?” I sat round and tried to discreetly make my skirt longer, my mum always had a go at me for wearing my skirt too short.  “Well I had to take your sister to London...” Okay now I was lost, “She had a scholarship interview at the performing arts school in London and guess what?” Oh' yer, Becky has always dreamed of going to this really expensive stage school in London, she wants to be an actor or something. But mum and dad had never been able to afford it, and it's in London. I know Becky is 17 but they would no way let her go to London by herself,  “What?!” My mum grinned,  “She got a 3 year scholarship to go there! How great is that!” So mum and dad were actually going to let her go to boarding school?  “But mum, Becky will have to go a boarding school! She'll have to move away.” Mum leant over and kissed my forehead.  “No silly billy, we are all going to London!”  “For a holiday? I'm confused!” Mum sat down next to me, “No Alice, we are moving to London!”

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