Fault and Blame

Who's fault is it really, when a relationship doesn't work out? Who does the blame fall on? This is a short poem telling the sad tale of a poor girl trying to figure it out... (My third entry to the poetry comp. I'm really getting into this poetry lark now. Please comment/like/favourite if you feel the need to do so.)


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For years we continue this grand game,

And it’s my fault; I’m the one to blame.

For the rows we raged on endless nights,

For the bruises after every fight,

For the slashes cut deeper than most,

And the misses which were far too close,

 To driving you away from my wrath,

And smear the grounds of your chosen path.

But all this hides, when I look back,

All the good times and the hate we lacked.


For years we have blamed this petty scheme,

And allowed ourselves to live in dreams,

When all along it wasn’t truthful,

Our minds were small, naive and youthful.

We ignored what then truly mattered,

Thus our wits had completely shattered,

Before we came to and realised,

That for nothing was our forced goodbyes.

Now we wake, our game risen above,

And the blame falls on my rival love...

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