With just one look

I have loved Harry since the start, but never got to meet him. But faith changes and I get the chance of my life, but it won't be easy to achieve happiness. And he also gives me a chance to live my dream.


25. worried

*Harry's POV* I had gotten back to the hotel and was about to fall asleep when my phone rang, I picked it up. "Hello?" I said. "Harry, is Vicky with you? I was checking on her and she wasn't in the room, she won't pick up her phone and she's not in the house." Vicky's Mum said through the phone. "No, she's not with me" worry rising in my voice, I heard a gasp from the other end of the line. "Do you know where she might be?" "I don't think she would leave her house voluntarily, she was so excited to come here, she wouldn't just leave, I think something has gone wrong." "I trust you, Harry, you are a great guy, help me find my daughter." "I won't rest until I find her" I promised, and hung up. I grabbed the keys and a jacket when I felt a hand on my arm, it was Louis'. "Where are you going?" he asked. "Vicky is missing, I have a feeling she's been kidnapped, I NEED to find her before something happens." I said quickly. "But it's 3 in the morning!" Louis whined. "I don't care what time it is, she is out there somewhere, somewhere she shouldn't be and I won't rest until I find her!" I said raising my voice. "I finally found someone special" I whispered. "It would kill me to not have her in my arms again." Louis was quiet for a moment. "Wait a minute, I'm waking up the boys, you can't do this alone Harry, if you're in it, then so are we, we're a team remember?" he said. I smiled and hugged him. "You are the best friend I could ever ask for" I said. "I know, I know" and we went to get the boys.

*Vicky's POV* I heard the door open and someone came in. "Go away Xavier, I never want to see your face again" I said angrily. "I'm sorry miss, I'll come back later" said a feminine voice, I looked up and saw a small girl that could only be 13 or 14. She had long, black hair that hung to her waist, with soft chocolate brown eyes, she looked so sweet and vulnerable. My face softened and I smiled. "No, it's ok, I thought you were that jerk called Xavier, but you can stay." I patted the spot next to me, she hesitated but put the tray on a table and sat next to me. "What's your name?" I asked sweetly. "Jasmine" the girl responded "Hello Jasmine, my name is Vicky" I shook her hand. "Xavier has talked so much about you miss, he's really happy you're here." "Well, I'm not, I'm trapped and I'm sad and I miss Harry. I don't want to be here" I told her. "Me neither, I'm just a maid and I am never treated properly, I hate it here." she said, surprising me, suddenly, an idea crossed my mind. "Jasmine, if I told you I needed you to run away, would you help me? You could come with me, you would never be mistreated ever again, I could make you happy Jasmine." Her brown eyes lit up with hope. "I could have a family?" she asked. "Yes, if you help me, you would never have to suffer again." "What do I do?" 

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