With just one look

I have loved Harry since the start, but never got to meet him. But faith changes and I get the chance of my life, but it won't be easy to achieve happiness. And he also gives me a chance to live my dream.


5. Two hours, two souls, one love.

I was having so much fun with Harry and the boys, we were both really getting along and I was glad, Lucy was having the time of her life asking weird and funny questions, which to Harry might sometimes whisper details in my ear. I was ecstatic that I was stil sitting on his lap, I could feel his chest rising and falling, his breath on my neck, the beat of his heart. His voice was so sweet and melodic, it soon became my favourite sound. His curls would sometimes brush my face softly and his eyes kept meeting with mine. I was on cloud nine. It was all going well until Lucy came up with the next question.
"You comfortable there, Harry?" she asked in a mocking tone.
"Yes, Lucy" He replied.
"Vicky is a pretty girl isn't she?" This suddenly made me feel very self-conscious. My curly brown hair was cascading in natural waves down my back. My eyes were green and glowing. I was wearing a petite black dress with flowers on it and black ballet flats. I smelled of jasmines and my skin felt soft, I don't think there was anything bad about me, but Harry Styles is Harry Styles and I was suddenly feeling butterflies in my stomach.
"I wouldn't have her any other way" he said, and kissed my cheek.
I smiled and looked at him, his eyes were glowing, he looked so happy. I instantly blushed, which only made him smile even more.
"You do know that Vicky over here was super obsessed with you? She wouldn't shut up, she wouldn't pay attention to any other guy I showed her." Lucy said.
Suddenly all the boys were laughing as my face turned beet red and I stared at my best friend.
"Lucy" I warned.
"What? It's the truth!" she exclaimed.
"But you didn't have to say it to them straight away!"
"We're all friends, chill. And also, Curly over there has feelings for you." chimed Louis.
Everyone was laughing except for Harry and I. We were both so red. Harry's grip tightened around me as he cam closed and whispered in my ear.
"Well, I'm kinda glad it's finally out there."
"You really like me?" I asked, wishing it was true.
"You are so beautiful, and you have me most amazing personality, you got my attention the minute you walked through that door." He said.
"Glad you feel that way, because I could never get my eyes off you even if I wanted to." I answered back.
"You two lovebirds alright there?" Louis chimed in, again.
"Yup" I answered before Harry could respond.
"Never been better" I whispered so that only he could hear it, which made him smile. Great, I thought, I'm falling for Harry and he's falling for me, this I never expected.
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