With just one look

I have loved Harry since the start, but never got to meet him. But faith changes and I get the chance of my life, but it won't be easy to achieve happiness. And he also gives me a chance to live my dream.


17. Travelling

It was Friday morning and I was standing next to Harry with my bags in the airport, there were fans and paps everywhere and the flashes and noise made my head ache, so I just gripped Harry's arm tighter. Yersterday had been my last day of school and I had said goodbye to everyone, even Xavier. I would have a private tutor so that I wouldn't be behind in any school work. It was all set. As I hugged my family and waved them goodbye I caught Max grabbing Lucy's hand lightly, she smiled at him and squeezed his hand, they were cute together, I smiled and winked at Lucy, who blushed and looked at her hand, entwined with Max's. "Look, seems like Lucy likes Max too." I said to Harry, he smiled and kissed my forehead. "Of course she does, Max is a great guy." "He's a year younger" "And you are four years younger, I don't see the problem." "Let's go guys" said Louis, we followed him and did all the check ups until we finally got in the plane. I took my seat next to Harry and rested my head on his shoulder, I was tired, it was 11:17 pm  and it was a long way to America from Australia. "Rest love, you'll need the energy." he kissed my eyelids and I fell asleep in Harry's arms, with the city lights underneath us. I was in dreamy state when I heard Harry and Louis talking. "You really like her don't you?" asked Louis. "I think I'm starting to love her, she is so wonderful and unique, what is there not to like?" replied Harry "You do realise that if you guys break up she'll probably get bullied for like the rest of her teen years by fans, right? She's not famous Harry, she had a normal life before you came around and now the whole world knows her, if you guys break up, everyone will be on your side, not hers. Right now fans don't know what to think of her, they don't know her, you know this Harry, you know the consequences." "I'm not going to leave her, I promised I would protect her and make her happy. I changed Lou, it's not the same now, she made me realise everything I was doing wrong, she lit up my world, opened my eyes, it would be the end of me if I let her go." "But what if she lets you go first?" "Then I'll be on my knees begging for her to come back." "It's creeping me out Harry, when I'm near you guys I get this electric feeling, as if you guys were two magnets or something, I don't know what to think of it." "Maybe she's the one. I knew I'd fall for her with just one look, the second she walked through that door, I still remember it so clearly." "Ok, I'll trust you Harry, and I'm starting to know Vicky, she has the heart of an angel, she'd prefer to be unhappy as long as someone else is happy instead, she's one of those people who would jump off a cliff to save you, not caring about their own safety. This could work Harry, I'm hoping so." "I hope so too, because I think I met my soul mate, the girl who will show me the way, correct me when I'm wrong, the girl who will become my world." and with that, I fell asleep again, feeling so happy I thought I might explode, I cuddled closer to Harry and hid my face on his chest before falling asleep.

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