With just one look

I have loved Harry since the start, but never got to meet him. But faith changes and I get the chance of my life, but it won't be easy to achieve happiness. And he also gives me a chance to live my dream.


22. Recording

I woke up to the smell of hot chocolate, Harry knew I hated coffee. I walked to the kitchen and wrapped my arms around him "Hey there" I said "Want some hot chocolate? I made it just how you like it" he said smiling. I took a cup and brought it to my lips, it tasted amazing. "Why do you have to be so good at everything?" I said. "You haven't seen all of it yet" he replied with a wink, I shook my head and smiled. "Which reminds me, you will have to keep going with your school work." he continued, I groaned and frowned at him "Yes, Dad" I said playfully. "The only person who is allowed to call me that will be our daughter." I raised my eyebrows and gave him a smile. "You know I always wanted kids." he said. "I'm afraid you'll have to wait a while, as in some years." I replied. "I know" and he hugged me tight. "It's just that I can already see my future with you, you perfect little girl." and he kissed my forehead. "I think we should get ready, don't want to be late to the recording" I said, with a little spark in my eyes, he laughed and stoked my cheek. "You are so adorable" we both got changed and when we were done we headed for Louis' room, I knocked on the door. "Come in!" I heard Louis shout, I opened the door and Harry came in behind me, Louis appeared and gave us both a tight hug. "You ready? I'll get the boys and we'll be there in no time." Louis got the other boys, who we all greeted with warm hugs, we got into a black car that drove us to this huge building with gates and guards. "This is it" we got off the car and got in the lobby, where a pretty blonde waited for us, she looked at Harry with puppy eyes, but he didn't notice, she ushered us to the recording room. It was an amazing experience, it was so fun to sing with and without the boys, it wasso enjoyable, our vocal coach was there and by the end of the day I was pretty sure we had finished about two songs, but I was exausted. "How was it?" asked Harry. "Amazing, I had so much fun, thank you." I replied. "No problem love" we drove back to the hotel where I just hopped onto bed and fell asleep.

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