With just one look

I have loved Harry since the start, but never got to meet him. But faith changes and I get the chance of my life, but it won't be easy to achieve happiness. And he also gives me a chance to live my dream.


12. Lucy

I woke up all tangled in bed sheets and my head resting on my damp pillow, from crying I was guessing, and I was probably all tangled because of some bad dream, which didn't surprise me. I got off my bed and looked at my mirror to check if it was obvious I've been crying all night, even in my sleep. After I managed to look a bit more presentable I headed downstairs to have some breakfast. "Lucy called, she said she wanted to hang out." said Max with dreamy eyes. "What's up with Lucy coming over?" I asked, and suddenly, the spark dissapeared. "Nothing, like I care." he responded. I decided that I had to talk to Lucy anyway, after all, she still was my best friend. I got dressed and waited on the couch for the door bell to ring. I checked my phone and read my 3 new messages. Xavier: Hey love xx want to meet up ;) I sighed and shook my head. The next was from Lucy. Lucy: I'll be there in 15 can't wait to talk to you xx and the last was from Harry. Harry: Last night was great :) your family is amazing and I'm glad I got to get to know you a bit more :) hoping to see you soon xx That was a sign of friendship, right? no you dumb girl. A little voice said in my head, but I ignored it. Me: Yeah, that would be great! You guys are really nice :) Suddenly the bell rang, I opened the door and found Lucy waiting. "Hey!" and she wrapped her arms around me. "Hey Lu" I replied. "Hi Lucy" said my brother. "Sup Max!" as she wrapped her arms around him too and bumped his fist, they both smiled at each other and I tugged Lucy's arm towards my bedroom. She sat on my bed and looked at me, I sat down too. I told her everything that happened yesterday and she listened carefully. "I-I don't know what happened last night with Xavier but I don't think it's him I want." I said after I finished telling her everything. "Why not Xavier? He's the type of guy that every teeenage girl wants!" said Lucy. "But is it what I want?" "I don't understand why you'd go for Harry, he'll just date you for some time and then dump you. He'll never love you back." that's nearly the same thing that Xavier said, then out of nowhere, I remembered that faint voice that I can't recognise. Why breathe? I can't be with you. "How do you know he'll never love me." I whispered. "Hey, Vicky, can I have some water please? I had to run from my house and I'm tired." Lucy said. "Sure" I replied. *Lucy's POV* I watched as Vicky left the room, I grabbed her phone and looked through her contacts until I found Harry's, I added his number to my contacts and put Vicky's phone back where I found it. "There you go." said Vicky, as she handed me the glass of water. "Thanks." I said smiling. I would call him tonight and get the answers Vicky needed.

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