With just one look

I have loved Harry since the start, but never got to meet him. But faith changes and I get the chance of my life, but it won't be easy to achieve happiness. And he also gives me a chance to live my dream.


19. Life with Harry

Life with him was wonderful, I would open my eyes and he'd be there or in the kitchen, and he'd be the last thing I saw before closing my eyes. Even though we never did anything, um, physical, it was still amazing to be near him, I went to their concerts and rehearsals, giving tips and sometimes even helping with the harmonies, it was really fun. I had already met Simon, and even though I found him a bit scary Harry assured me that Simon thought this was a good idea and he thought well of me. "Vicky honey, I'm going to an interview, and you're coming with us, the fans don't know much about you and I think it's time they do." said Harry one morning. "Sure thing, I'll get ready, won't be long." I was wearing a flowery dress that hung loosely but beautifully, and I knew took Harry's breath away, even though it was a simple dress. I put on my white Converse and half braided my hair, it looked complicated and pretty, so I thought it looked good for the occasion. I came out of the bathroom and Harry stared at me dumbfounded. "You look beautiful,like always." "Thank you, should we go now?" "Sure thing." we got in a car and they drove us to the interview place. "Now, now, I want the lady to come with me, she will be interviewed in a different place." I frowned at Harry but he just smiled at me. "Go on, he won't bite." Harry said to me. I followed the interviewer, who's name was Carl, into the interviewing room. I took a seat in front of him. "Everyone, this is Vicky! Harry Styles' new toy!" I just smiled and said. "Get your facts right, I'm no toy." which only made his simle dissapear. But the show went on and he asked me questions about the tour, my old life, my family, etc etc. "So tell me, how good is Harry?" he asked curiously. "He's a really nice person, many people find him cheeky but he's very polite and kind, he's not only my boyfreind but also one of my best friends." I replied. "That's not what I meant, I mean how good is he, you know..." he smiled foxily at me. This maddened me and I looked him straight in the eye as my ange rose. "I hope you don't treat everyone like this, you don't understand anything, Harry doesn't just think about his stupid pleasures all the time, he's a polite person who understands my desicions and doesn't hold anything against me because of it. Do you think it's impossible for guys like him to actually love? To care for a person, to respect them no matter what? What the heck do you think he is? He is a human being, a decent human being who cares for me and respects me. Just because you don't have anyone who will hold you tight when you cry, who will spin you around until you're dizzy, who will laugh with you, not at you, until you can't breathe, someone who will listen to every word you say and still be there for you, no matter how crazy, or how goofy and weird you are. Do you have that? It's easy to joke about love when you haven't felt it isn't it? Well, when you find your girl, if you ever do, I hope you get someone who will say these kind of things, and then you'll look back and remember what you said and did, and you will understand." he looked at me completely dmfounded. "I-" he started. "No, I don't want to hear from you, for your words sting like venom, I'll leave, I have no interest in talking to you." I stood up and left the room, the cameras were still on, this was a live show so it was already on TV, everyone saw what happened, my phone was going to explode tonight. I ran out the door and found Harry waiting. "Vicky..." he started, he wrapped his arms around me as the tears streamed down my face and onto his shirt. "What he said was mean, I respect you, no matter what you prefer, I'll always love you." he promised. "And I'll always be there to love you back."

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