With just one look

I have loved Harry since the start, but never got to meet him. But faith changes and I get the chance of my life, but it won't be easy to achieve happiness. And he also gives me a chance to live my dream.


14. In his arms

*Vicky's POV* I was laying on my bed, thinking, when I suddenly heard a tap on my window, I walked to it and opened it, there, in front of me, was Harry. "I have something to tell you, but first, come on." he extended a hand, I took it and he helped me climb out of the window. when my feet were safely on the ground I put my arms around him and breathed in his scent. "I missed you."  I said, my face hidden in his muscly chest. "I missed you too." he lifted my chin up with his finger so that I was looking at his eyes. "Xavier did something he shouldn't have done..." he started, and told me the whole story, of why he wasn't seeing me, I listened carefully, my love for him growing with every word. When he finished I had tears in my eyes and I sobbed on his shoulder. "I'm sorry I ruined your shirt." I said. "You can ruin all my shirts, as long as you stay in my arms while doing so." he replied. "I can't believe I trusted him!" I said. "It's not your fault, love." and I told him my side of the story, of how everyone kept telling me Harry would never love me back, and he listened, occasionally kissing my forehead to reassure me. "If only I knew..." I said. "Hey, the past is the past, you're with me now, and I hope you'll be with me forever." He walked along the marina, hand in hand, until we sat at the end, our legs hanging. I lay my head on his shoulder. "It's so nice to spend time with you." I said. "Vicky, I'm leaving in a week, I have to keep going with the tour." "Oh" "But we still have time, now, I didn't forget that you promised  that you would sing to me." he said smiling. "Oh, gosh. Here were go." "Ok, when you're ready." Just close your eyes, the sun is going down. You'll be alright, no one can hurt you now. Come morning light, you and I'll be safe and sound" I sung. He just stayed silent and closed his eyes. "That was beautiful, you truly have talent." he said, opening his eyes and looking at me. "Really?" I asked, and he put his forehead on mine and stared at my eyes. "Yes" he replied before coming closer and closer, his breath got hotter as he got nearer, my eyes closed. His lips softly met mine, they were sweet and perfect, and I found myself anwering, our lips fit together like puzzle pieces, I was flying, flying with Harry, and I didn't want it to end. But his lips left mine and he put his forehead on mine again, enjoying the closeness. "That was the best kiss I have ever gotten, in my whole life." he said, but we were interrupted by the rustling of leaves as a girl stepped out. "OMG! It's Harry Styles!" she screamed. Harry grabbed my hand and put me on my feet in one swift move. We ran hand in hand until we reached my house. "That girl got a picture of us, you'll be famous in a couple of hours." "Wow, they're creepy." I said. "Welcome to my world." and with that, he left.

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