With just one look

I have loved Harry since the start, but never got to meet him. But faith changes and I get the chance of my life, but it won't be easy to achieve happiness. And he also gives me a chance to live my dream.


15. A week with Harry

I was with Harry almost everyday of the week, going to Starbucks, to his concerts, to the beach, go on a boat, we could do almost anything. Of course the paps and fans followed us everywhere, I didn't have Twitter but I had Instagram and Facebook, and somehow they found me in a day, it was crazy. There were the obvious "You don't belong with him." and stuff that I easily ignored, but there was also the "You guys are so cute together!" and "You're so pretty!" or "You're my role model" which usually made me smile and I sometimes even responded to. Unlike the boys, I responded to the fans almost all the time, I loved talking to them, since I used to be a huge Directioner before I met Harry. I might get some texts now and then from Xavier but I deleted them before even reading them. I avoided him and his friends as much as I could at school, Lucy always by my side, she was acting a bit strange, she is so loyal now, like she owes me something. It was Wednesday night and I was coming back from dance, I open the door and find the boys sitting on my couch with my parents. I was tired and sweaty and my hair was a mess, but Harry hugged me tight anyway and made me sit on his lap. "Sweetie, we've been discussing something with the guys before you came." started Mum. "As Harry must have already told you we're leaving Friday morning." said Liam. I scowled and nodded. "Well, Harry heard you sing and he also, um, recorded you..." said Zayn. "You WHAT?!" I looked at Harry, who just winked and smiled. "Anyway, your voice is ovbiously higher than ours and it is really sweet, so we talked to Simon and he said that you could come on tour with us...If your parents agreed of course." continued Liam. "I'd be your legal guardian. It was going to be Harry but since he's your boyfriend I thought that wouldn't make much sense." explained Louis. "So... Am I going?" I asked. "We thought this is a great experience, you'll learn so much about the music business, honey, it's all set, now all you have to do is say yes." said Dad, my parents were holding hands and looking at me expectingly. "Um, yes!" I said exitingly. "Ok, great! You're leaving with us Friday morning." said Louis. I couldn't believe this was happening, I was going on tour with One Direction! I was going to sing and help them, I was going to be with Harry  24/7, it was going to be great. I realised Niall hadn't said a word, I looked at him and he smiled. "Can we have some food now?" asked Niall. My Mum shook her head and laughed. "You should teach Vicky how to eat properly, she's so skinny." "Am not!" I protested. "I better have a shower and call Lucy, she needs to know." I announced. Out of nowhere, Max came and stood in front of me. "Vicky, can I be the one to tell Lucy?" he asked. "Yeah, sure, thanks Max." I rubbed his hair like I always do and headed for the shower, singing "More Than This" on my way.

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