Silent dreamer

A girl who lives her life in silence has a dream, a dream that means everything to her but will she ever get to live it.


2. Clara

 I'm Clara Andrews. My best friend is Kristie Drew, she has been my friend for as long as I can remember. She's not your average friend though but she is a great friend all the same.The way in which she is different is that she only really talks to me and occasionally her mum. I have tried to talk to her about this before but she keeps a lot to her self all she says on the subject is that she prefers her own company.This can be quite upsetting for me because it feels like I'm not wanted and that I'm bugging her. I mentioned this once and she assured me that I'm not and I am wanted. Kristie also self harms, never when I'm around but it really pains me to see the scars that she has inflicted upon her self. I have tried many of times to help her but I can't help solve the problem if I'm not sure of what the problem is. Obviously the problem is that she self harms but I have no idea why she does it. 

Unlike Kristie I am a loud and bubbly person, it is quite surprising that we get along seeing as we are both so different. We do share some similarities though like we both have the same favourite band and same favourite colour. Our favourite band has this girl called Chamonix Williams in it, she has the most beautiful voice in the whole entire world I have never heard anyone sing like her before.This is my main reason for liking the band I have no idea why Kristie likes it though. We haven't really talked about it before maybe I should ask her.

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