Dormitory X

They were only young, and helpless. One day when a mysterious disease is spread, 12 boys and girls-were all that were infected. They were cured but it seems the infection might have some side effects...


2. My dad's version of 'hospital'

Two days after dad was gone, I turned 5. We had a small party with my nan, so nothing big. Then my dad showed up. Mum got furious and threw a cupcake at him and my nan kept trying to get him away from me. I tried to shout over them, telling them to stop but the didn't listen. Eventually my dad decided to leave, he hugged me and the sharp sensation went through me again. I pulled away from him and ran away. My dad was scaring me but I didn't know why because I was only 5. I hid in the living room under the coffe table, crying my eyes out. I could hear them arguing outside, getting louder and louder. Suddenly my body prickled and I got hotter. My mouth was dry and I was gasping for air. "MUM!!" I managed to scream before passing out.

I woke up in a white room. All I could hear were soft beeps. " She'll be ok, Lilly." a male voice said. "SHE WONT!" A women screamed. " Lilly, go home and rest. Megan will be fine." The male voice said calmly. The women screamed and stomped away. A man walked in. It was my father dressed in his lab coat. " Hello Megan. Welcome to G.O.D.S"

I was taken into a dim room with 12 beds lined against a wall. 11 of them had girls lying on them, reading or whispering to eachother. I sat on the last bed and sighed. " Hi, I'm Zena." a girl said. I turned around and saw a girl, probably aged 7 with a black bob and electric blue eyes. " I-I-I'm Megan." I whimpered. " Dont be afraid Megan. But if you are your not alone. We all are." Zena smiled softly.

I've spent 8 years living there in fear.

And in there- They live on fear.

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